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Thank you so much for referring your speakers to me for our Microsoft Office Live meeting. We have had a great time working with every one of them, and our audience has had an overwhelmingly enjoyable experience. We will definitely use you as a reference for more seminars in the future!

~ Robynn Anton, Microsoft Office Live Meeting

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Here are just a few of our speakers!

Speaker Services, Financial Speaker

Rennie Gabriel

Bestselling author, wealth coach, and UCLA instructor provides the road map leading from a place of debt to a world of wealth and financial freedom.

Speaker Services, Addiction, Recovery, Motivational Speaker

Willie Holloway

Author/motivational speaker provides addicts with powerful, proven techniques to carve their way out of the vicious cycle of addiction and return to a sustained drug-free existence.

Speaker Services, Alzheimer's Speaker, Memory Speaker

Vicki Mizel

Memory expert presents brain-training system that helps you think faster, excel at tests and public speaking, retain names and data, boost creativity and banish fear of age-related decline.


Michele the Trainer

Do you want to feel younger and more agile? Do you need to lose 5, 10, 50 or 150 pounds? World-famous health and wellness crusader Michele the Trainer did just that ─ and her groundbreaking presentations will motivate you to do the same.

Abby Parsons

Abby Parsons, PhD

Inspirational counselor/coach and Christian healer teaches uplifting principles from Scripture to infuse every aspect of your life with vibrant health, energy, and joy.

Speaker Services, Business, eCommerce speaker

Christofir Krihkori

Business Coach gives retailers and manufacturers inside industry information and shows how to harness the power of eCommerce to turn your small or mid-size business into a lucrative global enterprise.

Speaker Services, Motivational Speaker

Helaine Harris

Business Coach/Therapist shows how to attract ideal clients and customers and bring your gifts, talents, products and message to the world while honoring your Soul.


Patty Malone

Communication Trainer, professor and former TV news anchor shows companies how to save millions and increase profits by avoiding communication breakdowns and mistakes.


Bruce Hodes

Business consultant and former psychotherapist shows how to grow a powerful, profitable business and achieve sustainable growth in these challenging times.

Speaker Services, Keynote Speaker

Thomas R. Noonan

Investment advisor and media personality reveals the direct correlation between government policies and financial markets, how global markets work, and how to tip the balance of risk-reward in your favor.


Amy Pearson

Master Certified Life Coach shows how to free yourself from The Approval Trap so you can attract ideal clients, be confident about your product or service, raise your rates, and do the unique work you’re meant to do.

Speaker Services, Business Speaker

Ruth van Vierzen

Business Growth Expert helps audiences generate more leads and sales, and grow their businesses profitably and sustainably.

Speaker Services, Motivational Speaker

Michael Spremulli

Corporate Personality Profiler delivers profitable personality insights and reveals how to read people’s thoughts and influence their behavior.

Speaker Services, Motivational Speaker

Mack Dryden

Master motivator, corporate comedian, award-winning writer, and two-time cancer survivor demonstrates that you can laugh ‘til you hurt while learning to overcome obstacles and achieve your cherished goals.

Mildred Muhammad3

Mildred Muhammad

Have you ever feared for your life at the hands of someone you love and trust? In her riveting presentation, national spokesperson Mildred Muhammad shares her compelling insights into the unstable mindset of ex-husband John Muhammad, spousal-abuser turned killer.

Speaker Services, Motivational Business Speaker

Teri R. Fisher

Executive Coach shows how Succession Planning, the art of growing internal leadership and retaining talent, allows you to create a winning team and keep your organization running smoothly, especially during crisis, change or unexpected departures.

Speaker Services, Keynote Wellness Speaker

Jean Campbell

Two-time breast cancer survivor reveals the best form of early detection, powerful risk-reducing strategies, and how to navigate through diagnosis and treatment and reinvent yourself in survivorship.

Speaker Services, Keynote Speaker

Gina Paris

Interior designer and healing practitioner helps people in transition redesign their homes to reflect their life changes and create a more soul-satisfying environment.


Melissa Evans

Melissa Evans, MHA, PMP, is a successful entrepreneur who realized her dream of becoming a self-made millionaire by age 31. She known as the THE GURU OF IMPLEMENTATION.

Speaker Services, Motivational Speaker

Richard Bellman

Leadership coach teaches easy habits to develop communication skills, revitalize health, increase productivity, maximize potential, celebrate your passion, and live out your dreams.

Speaker Services, Motivational Speaker

Jothy Rosenberg

Author, extreme athlete, entrepreneur and two-time cancer survivor empowers others to say “I CAN” in the face of major challenges.


Laurel Mintz, J.D., M.B.A.

Marketing expert brings new passion and flavor to the world by helping companies in the consumer goods, products and service industries develop and execute full-circle marketing plans that elevate their brands.

Speaker Services, Motivational Speaker

Kirkland Mcphee (“Dr. Change”)

Motivational speaker inspires corporations, schools and churches with next-level change and transformation strategies that restore passion, purpose and vision.

Leo Laporte, Speaker Services

Leo Laporte

Nationally syndicated tech expert with millions of followers brings professionals up to date on latest digital trends and takes anxiety out of tech for everyone else.

Speaker Services, Motivational Speaker

Theresa Caldwell Jenkins

Sex trafficking survivor shows how to spot and report predators and victims of abuse, and offers help, hope and life-saving strategies to victims, survivors, friends and family.


Mark Pash, CFP

Hardly anyone understands how the economic-financial world works but we are all subject to its whims. Economic expert Mark Pash helps audiences comprehend the current economic situation and demonstrates how to create a quality global economy and community.

Speaker Services, Keynote Speaker

John Krieger

Travel expert shows consumers the insider’s secrets to saving big money on regional, domestic and international vacations, from quick domestic junkets to full-out custom world tours.

Speaker Services, Innovation Speaker

Tom Furst

Successful Silicon Valley financial executive and expert in high-impact innovations shows entrepreneurs how to identify a big market need, then find and sell a great solution.


Kelly Roach

Business growth strategist and peak performance coach transforms exhausted, overwhelmed business owners and executives into empowered, record-breaking results machines.

Speaker Services, NFL Speaker, Motivational Speaker

Dr. Kristine Setting Clark

NFL author and cancer survivor relates shocking and hilarious stories of the Golden Age of Football and gives a candid and humorous account of how she overcame Hodgkin’s Disease and blindness.


Deborah Kagan

Sensual Lifestyle Specialist, educator and author shows how to turn your life into a sensual experience and tap your power to make more money, reduce stress, and create thriving relationships.

Gene Klein

Gene Klein

Holocaust survivor and resilience expert helps leaders develop survival skills to lead their organizations through adversity into freedom and opportunity.


Noble Drakoln

Financial expert and Wall Street rock star who achieved stunning success by age 19 reveals seven secrets that will transform you into an attractor of wealth and success.


Niruby James

Motivational speaker gives your audience A Burst of Positive Energy by showing how to “Think it, Feel it, Say it, Do it – and feel better now!”


Judi Lirman, MA. MFT

Psychotherapist helps you recapture the exuberance and freedom you were born with as you rediscover and reconnect with your “Magnificent Self.”


Carrie Flintom

Are you living a heroic life? You can turn an ordinary life into an extraordinary one full of meaning and purpose,” says Heroes in Heels Strategic Life Coach Carrie Flintom, whose energetic presentation addresses the physical and emotional struggles of women today.

Speaker Services, Motivational Speakers

Karen Weil and Kira Wagner

Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and Relationship Coaches help families kick off years of negative communication and learn to give and receive the love that creates a joyful, top-functioning family.


Laura Doyle

On a worldwide mission to end divorce, New York Times bestselling author and relationship coach shares her bulletproof secrets for women to become more desired, cherished, and adored every day for the rest of their lives.


Jacqueline R Robertson, CTM

Successful author and entrepreneur known as “The Dream Sister” shows how using only 20% of your effort can bring you 80% or more of what you want when you work with proven universal laws.


Jody Temple White

Author-Adventurer-Mom who took her family on a life-changing trip around the world shows how to scrap excuses for lives and careers that don’t excite us and live a life of everyday adventure with “jaw-dropping outcomes.”

Ratanjit Sondhe

Ratanjit Sondhe

Leadership and business coach shows how to navigate life’s challenges with ease, confidence, flexibility, expansiveness, and grace for long-lasting, soul-satisfying success.

Speaker Services, Relationship Speaker

Cathleen Madrid

Authenticity Life Coach and Love-Centered Communication Expert presents step-by-step formula to release old hurts and dramatically heal the most ruptured, disconnected relationships in your personal and professional life.

Speaker Services, Motivational Speaker

Linda L. Smith

Founder/President/CEO of one of the first African-American healthcare colleges in the U.S. reveals four-step “Desire, Determination, Drive and Deliver” program that successfully grows a multi-million dollar business.


Laura Gisborne

Successful entrepreneur, coach, and founder of Powered With Passion shows how to “master your systems” and have more time, money, and fun as you actualize your dreams with ease and grace.

Tom Sockwell

Tom Sockwell

Strategic Life Coach shows students, teachers, and any audience how to rise above life’s challenges, overcome any obstacle, and change your thinking to change your life.


Michael Hingson

Blind sales executive and Guide-dog user who survived 9-11 reflects on trust, teamwork, ethics, diversity, animal-human bonds, and human values.

Regina Lark (blue)

Regina Lark, PhD

Professional organizer who’s seen it all and knows what works shows how to live clutter-free at last, so you can stop searching for your stuff and focus on your real goals and dreams.

Speaker Services, Keynote Speaker

Catherine Harris

Professional Olive Oil Sommelier reveals health and culinary secrets of this flavorful, miracle food so you can boost your immune system, create delicious dishes, and avoid the unhealthy oils stocking supermarket shelves today.


James Malinchak

James Malinchak is a highly recognized leader in the business community and is well-prepared to motivate, educate, and energize your next business meeting and all those who attend.


Trent Blanchard

Author and Consciousness Coach shows how to identify and transform core beliefs that stand in the way of reaching your maximum potential and living a life of pure and constant joy.

Tom Nix, Motivational Speaker, from gang member to CEO

Tom Nix

Former gang member who became a CEO worth millions reveals 10 Key Concepts that transformed him “from street fighter into a happy man” and that will radically change your life.


Gina Cloud

Internationally-known author, inspirational speaker, and natural beauty expert offers new ways to define being a woman, so you can radiate soul-deep beauty and reclaim your inner power.

Speaker Services, Motivational Sports Speaker

Walter Jackson

Four-Sport star athlete who reinvented himself when a tragic car accident stole his career shows how to triumph over any life challenge by “sporting the right attitude.”

Motivational Speaker, Women, Business, Salons

Jon Gonzales

Business consultant with 45+ years of real-world experience as a successful salon owner shows how to be a successful entrepreneur in any business—personally, professionally and financially.


Al Lautenslager

Al Lautenslager is an award winning marketing/PR consultant, direct mail promotion specialist, author of Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days, speaker and entrepreneur.

Speaker Services, OSHA Safety Compliance speaker

Gary Heppner

OSHA Safety Compliance Consultant with 95% success rate in reducing claims shows how to create a safety program that works and boosts profits due to reduced claims, time loss and premium costs.

Speaker Services, Mindfulness Speaker

GuruMeher Khalsa

Master Yoga Teacher, Emotional Wellness Coach, and author inspires clients and groups to high levels of success and fulfillment with simple, effective tools for mental and emotional wellness.


Jim Michael, MA. LMFT

Empowerment coach provides practical and spiritual tools and techniques to create a more purposeful, meaningful life and greater peace of mind.

Speaker Services, Motivational Speaker

Joy Chudacoff

Founder of Smart Women Smart Solutions shows how to re-ignite passion and purpose, rev up your energy, create effective business and marketing strategies, and design the life you choose to live.


Lonnie Sciambi

“The Entrepreneur’s Yoda” – business coach, skilled negotiator and serial entrepreneur – offers straightforward advice and real-world solutions that entrepreneurs and small business owners can use immediately!

Speaker Services, Wellness, PTSD Speaker

Donna LaMar, PhD

Psychologist/Equine and Horticulture Therapist shows trauma and PTSD victims new breakthrough system that uses our powerful connection with plants and animals to heal deep emotional pain and overcome any challenge.

Speaker Services, Dental Health speaker

Dr. Susan Stukes

Dentist and whole health practitioner reveals the amazing power your smile has to heal you and others, and how to strengthen it without sitting in the dentist’s chair.


Carol Orsborn, Ph.D.

Dr. Carol Orsborn is an internationally-known author on issues related to Boomer marketing, life stage transitions and quality of life

Speaker Services, Motivational Speaker

Patti Cotton

Executive Coach guides and motivates business leaders, entrepreneurs and non-profit heads to innovate through thinking bigger and acting bolder.


Lisa Brisse

Exercise physiologist and health & wellness coach shows how to transform a dull life of drudgery and routine into a “magic carpet” ride filled with everyday miracles.


Nan Vaughn, M.A.

Award-winning speaker and author shows how to turn dealing with difficult people and handling sensitive situations into self-empowered victories.

Andrea Brandt, Motivational Speaker, Speaker Services

Andrea Brandt, PhD, MFT

Psychotherapist and expert in anger and passive-aggressive behavior empowers you with skills and strategies to release toxic stress and transform anger and conflict into healthy, positive relationships.

Speaker Services, Sales Motivation Speaker

Ursula Mentjes

Sales Expert helps entrepreneurs and sales professionals break through their sales blocks so they can pick up the phone, get appointments, and close sales with their top 20% of clients!


Barbara Niven

“Every moment you can choose to move toward your dreams or away from them,” says Barbara Niven, one of Hollywood’s busiest actresses, whose interactive, life-changing talks show how to change your life now. “We deserve to live our passion and have our dreams come true,”

Speaker Services, Keynote Speaker

William Saleebey, PhD

Networking expert and business development coach provides powerful skills and techniques for building lasting relationships and generating business.

Speaker Services, Literacy Speaker

Dr. Michael Hart

Psychologist/Tech Exec reveals how to solve the literary crisis and boost productivity using a solution that’s been kept secret for 40 years.

Speaker Services, Motivational Speaker

Ted Powell

Seasoned leadership consultant challenges business leaders to succeed in a rapidly evolving work environment by conquering their fear of the unknown so they can tap new, innovative solutions.

Kristina Dodge3

Kristina Dodge

Kristina Dodge and her inspiring presentations offer clear strategies that work for anyone who wants to uncover, activate, and chase their wildest ambitions.

Glynis Wallace

Glynis Wallace

Women’s health expert shows how to spot warning signs of menstruation-related lung collapse (catamenial pneumothorax) and offers empowering solutions for surviving this threat to women of all ages.


Keri Newell

Business Success Strategist helps entrepreneurs see their business from the customer’s perspective so they can turn every client into a raving fan.

Motivational Speaker, Speaker Services

North Wood

If you’re looking for a unique presentation that combines amazing music with an inspirational message, award winning violinist and motivational speaker North Wood delivers both with ease as he shows how to discover your talent and take it into the world.

Raphael Natale

Raphael Natale

Award-winning clinical therapist and executive coach offers proven strategies for dealing with change, team building, rapid intervention in the face of urgent challenge, and shows how to turn employees into contributors, spot burnout, and balance work and home life.

Speaker Services, Leadership Speaker

Matt Dierdorff

Leadership coach unlocks insights about healthy teams and provides a pathway to a powerfully collaborative culture.

Speaker Services, College Speaker, Campus Safety

Michael Ayalon

Former Executive Director of Sigma Pi Fraternity empowers students to deal with alcohol abuse, sexual assault and hazing to create safe campuses and college communities.


Ardiana Bani Cohn

College instructor of math, science and psychology reveals Twelve Laws of Living that allow you to harness the powerful force of antimatter, align with your destiny, and finally make the Law of Attraction work for you.

Speaker Services, Sales Speaker, Motivational Speaker

Diane Ciotta

Integrity sales specialist teaches professionals to apply the secrets of Integrity Selling that yield greater profits for both client and sales rep and ensure a
lasting relationship.


Jack Kenefick

Fitness expert shows how to break free from the endless cycle of dieting, integrate fitness into your lifestyle, and achieve short-term goals that lead to long-term, permanent success.


Kim Mitchell, MFA MEd

Creativity coach reveals how to activate and utilize both sides of your brain. You can learn to use both sides of your brain at once for maximum effectiveness, and in her dynamic talk, experienced university and secondary educator Kim Mitchell shows how.

Speaker Services, Business speaker

Kevin Catlin

Successful entrepreneur and multiple business owner reveals practical, immediately useful and universal truths about Leadership, Presentation Skills, Selling and Negotiating and how to get out of your own way.


Lucia Galante Johnson, RMT

Leading expert in stress management and Reiki therapy offers fast, easy stress reduction techniques that boost energy, calm and balance the body, and increase control of health and well-being

Speaker Services, Motivational Speaker

Alisdair Smith

Leadership expert, minister and master storyteller shows how to find passion in your work, connect with your deepest purpose, and discover the difference you can make in the world.

Speaker Services, Motivational Speaker

Devin C. Hughes

Speaker, Coach, Author and former college basketball player works with organizations, teams and individuals to break down cultural barriers and boost communication through greater self-awareness and understanding of each other.


Sead Pepic

Internet marketing expert shows how to go straight to the top of Google search results so online customers see your business first and money flows to your website.

Speaker Services, Motivational Speaker

Capt. Don Wright

U2 pilot and American Airlines captain (retired) entertains and inspires with riveting stories from personal experience and first-hand accounts from fellow pilots on the frontlines of America’s unforgettable conflicts.


Rikk Hansen

Career Renewal Expert guides midlife professionals and entrepreneurs to reignite purpose and passion, so they can find exciting new direction and chart a lifework that’s more alive, fulfilling and successful than ever.

Speaker Services, Inspirational, Motivational speaker

Ronald Cooper

Phenomenal speaker-author delivers a life-changing, mind-heart-soul-stirring message guaranteed to inspire your audience to start winning in life today—spiritually, emotionally and financially.

Speaker Services, Motivational Speaker

Aquisha Harris

Life Coach and Business Strategist reveals unique 3N system that helps you complete projects, clear mind clutter, and accomplish short-term goals with ease so you can achieve your long-term goals and dreams.

Speaker Services, Motivational Speaker

Clarence Brown

Acupuncturist and author shows how to maximize productivity and transform your mindset from fear and confusion to love and peace.

Jean-Noel Bassior

Jean-Noel Bassior

Jean-Noel Bassior has been helping writers get published for 20 years. She’ll show you how to dissolve the fear barrier and create a step-by-step game-plan for getting published.

Speaker Services, Motivational Speaker

LaShawn Myers, MSW

Master Level Social Worker and Inner Healing Strategist shows how to banish deep “closet hurts” and overcome pain from grief, trauma or abuse that keeps us from reaching our greatest potential.


Linda Salazar

Relationship Coach reveals the power of hand analysis to build more satisfying relationships, personally and professionally, and experience more peace, joy and success.

Patt Sendejas

Patt Sendejas

“America’s leading authority on Personality Feng Shui” shows career women how to harness the proven power of Feng Shui to transform relationships, home and work spaces, accomplish more with ease, and allow wealth and contentment to flow into their lives.


Eva Nemeth

Do you sit, stand, walk and perform everyday movements in a way that promotes health and well-being? “If you sit, stand and walk in the wrong way, you can undermine your health,” says internationally-acclaimed gymnast and physical therapist Eva Nemeth.