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Topics: Overcoming Health Challenges, Inspirational, Investing, Law of Attraction, Business, Memory Training,  Christian, College Speaking, Disabilities, Event Host, Team Building,  Time Management,  Youth Groups

Areas: Los Angeles County, S. California; Las Vegas, Nevada; National

Titles: Advocate for Epilepsy Foundation, Motivational Speaker, MC Events & Seminars, Maestro de Ceremonias (MC, Spanish), Oradora de Energia (Speaker of Energy)


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Inspirational speaker shows how to live free with epilepsy and inspires anyone facing a personal challenge to overcome it and flourish.

In a Nutshell
Does epilepsy touch you or someone you love? Has life thrown you a huge challenge or obstacle that blocks your happiness? Afi Bell triumphed over epilepsy, refusing to let it limit her life or keep her down, and her dramatic story will inspire any audience facing life’s challenges. “Everyone has a big personal challenge,” says Afi, “but in reality, these obstacles are like boot camp. They can actually strengthen your skills and make you flourish.”

Afiʼs contagious energy, compassion, and humor allows her to connect with any audience, from youth to business owners and law enforcement. A strong advocate who works closely with the Epilepsy Foundation, her presentations bring help and hope to those with epilepsy by proving it need not hold you back. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of this health challenge, along with simple solutions for daily management of symptoms, side effects from medicine, and how to deal with the obstacles you face. And if you have the condition, says Afi, you’re in good company. Socrates, Julius Caesar, Florence Griffin Joyner, Harriet Tubman, and Prince all suffered from epilepsy or other seizure disorders! These high achievers did not let anything keep them from fulfilling their dreams.

Whether you’re dealing with epilepsy or another life challenge, Afi’s energetic presentations, offered in both English and Spanish, will give you a fresh perspective. In addition, you’ll gain lifesaving information that shows exactly what to do when someone’s having a seizure instead of helplessly standing by. “On one occasion, 95 per cent of the people around me had no idea that I was having a seizure as I ran around and did twists and turns with my eyes open,” Afi recalls. But though few knew what to do, they did safeguard her purse and phone. It was experiences like these, when well-meaning people reached out to help, that inspired Afi to spread the message that brotherly love is alive and to use her speaking skills to help everyone she meets to overcome whatever personal challenge they face.

You’ll leave Afi Bell’s joyful, energetic presentations determined to not let any personal challenge or obstacle keep you from living life fully and realizing your dreams.

Fast Facts
Afi Bell has a form of epilepsy called Complex Partial Seizure that 95% of the world is unaware of, and that scares most people off. When many employers, including the Peace Corps, learned of her health challenge, they refused to hire her.

Since she must go for over six months without a seizure in order to drive, she keeps her size 6 figure with her BMW workout: Bike, Metro, Walking.

Afi is bilingual, giving presentations in both English and Spanish, and is popular with Latino audiences.

She’s committed to spreading brotherly love, making southern hospitality the signature of America, and to raising media awareness of epilepsy.

What people are saying…
“After listening to many speeches given by Afi Bell, I do confirm she is inspiring, motivating and very uplifting with her speaking style. She is a warm and confident speaker. Her speech will inspire and motivate her audience.”
– Elaine Roberts, Distinguished Toastmaster, Toastmasters International

Best-fit Audiences

  • Conferences, Conventions, Trade Shows
  • Expos, Fairs, Retreats
  • Corporations, Non-Profits
  • Parties, Events of all types
  • CEOs, Executive Managers, HR Professionals
  • Team Leaders,
  • Business & Civic Groups
  • Women’s Groups, Career Women
  • Baby Boomers, Millennials
  • Community Organizations
  • Colleges, Universities, Schools, Youth Groups
  • Firefighters, Paramedics
  • Emergency Preparedness,
  • Parents, Educators
  • Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Small Offices
  • Travel Companies
  • Counselors and Coaches
  • Political & Historical Groups/Associations
  • Churches, Synagogues, Religious Groups
  • Christian Groups
  • Libraries, Museums
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Hospitality Organizations, Restaurant Associations
  • Health Care Groups, Hospitals, Medical Offices
  • Health Workers, Healers, Caretakers
  • Medical Centers
  • Health Spas, Fitness Centers
  • Rehab Centers, Recovery Support Groups


Offered as keynotes, breakouts, seminars or workshops, retreats, trainings and webinars, and customized for your group. Afi Bell is also available as a panel guest or moderator.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work (Business Talk)
(Trabaje en Equipo Hace el Trabaje de Sueno)

This training is focused on fostering a team player mentality, where we win when we utilize our skills together. You’ll learn new ways to communicate and cooperate with fellow team members, set weekly goals and define the skills you need to make things happen. By listening to your co-workers you can fit your ideas and systems together for the greater good and reach your goals faster and with more ease. “20% effort by five people is less work than 100% effort by one person,” says Afi, “so by cooperating, each member cuts their effort by 80%!” The key is learning to stay open to the input of others, knowing that everyone benefits by less work and more results.

Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow (Stress Relief Talk)

This program keeps you operating at peak potential. When you’re oxygen-deprived, you’re not operating at your best, and this talk gives you breathing and stress-release techniques you can do in just minutes to handle irritating people and situations. You’ll release negativity and start acting like the winner you are! “This gives you instant confidence and puts pep in your step,” says Afi, who gives you a three-month plan that uses visual cards and pictures to turn your dreams into reality.

You’ll also learn how to tap the unlimited power of your brain by connecting it to your inner voice. “When you make this connection, your inner voice directs you to make the moves that lead to fulfilling your desires,” Afi explains. “In this state of mind, negativity slips away and you realize that you’re a prosperous, successful diamond, you’ll stay ‘upper class’ (cream of the crop), and nothing will ever get on your nerves!”

Listen to Your Gut and Follow Your Intuition

Are you tired of justifying and explaining to others what’s in your heart? This talk shows how, when you’re willing to be bold, your inner voice will lead you, step by step, to the actions that make your dreams a reality.

You’ll learn how to ignore other people’s discomfort with your actions and continue to move forward, no matter what anyone thinks. “In all areas of life, when you focus on the path where your gut leads you, others may not accept your actions or give you credit,” says Afi. “But later on, they will, when they see that by following your inner voice, you achieved your dreams.” You’ll learn how to be bold, follow your gut, and even give yourself a round of applause—for you’re about to be famous! And soon, your sisters and brothers may be looking to you as a leader and following your example.

Have Pep In Your Step

It’s much easier to choose to feel good than to mope and complain that you’re a victim, or that life’s challenges are too much to bear. In reality, your brain is similar to your computer: What you constantly speak out loud is what you feel—and it’s what you’ll accomplish! (If you live in LA, this is like choosing to take the 405 freeway instead of the 10 in all areas of your life.) When you realize that you are in charge of your life and can choose how you want to feel, then even when things don’t work out as planned, you don’t forget that you’re the hero of your story. You are truly a diamond! When you know this, even the things that don’t turn out as planned are stepping stones to future success.

Keep H.O.P.E. Alive! = Happy. Open. Persistent. Encouraging.

We’re all butterflies, but most of us don’t realize it. Maybe we haven’t broken out of our caterpillar cocoons yet, but when we do, we can soar! This inspiring talk will give you the courage to break out of your personal cocoon and feel the strength you have to transform yourself, take flight, and ascend into your desires. You’ll learn how to appreciate the challenges you face daily, and how, even though you may feel you’re in boot camp for a while, you will achieve your dreams. You’ll also harness the power of gratitude, an emotion that can draw to you even more things to be grateful for. “Be grateful for what you have,” says Afi, “because the more you’re grateful, the more wonderful things you’ll attract—because like attracts like!”

Meet Afi Bell…

Afi Bell is an author and spokeswoman on epilepsy and an inspiring speaker and presenter with over twelve years’ experience giving presentations. Currently, she is affiliated with the Epilepsy Foundation, Village Health Foundation, PAC-RED and TRN-TV. Afi understands that an informed community is a strong community; thus, she’s focused on keeping people health-informed with good resources.

With over eighteen years of personal epilepsy experience, Afi seeks to encourage people with her testimony whenever she speaks, just as she did when she hosted “Athletes Face Intensity,” which aired on UStream1061.

Afi captivates and inspires audiences with contagious energy, compassion and humor. She understands that an informed community is a strong community, and she constantly encourages others to feel love and energy while giving them good resources. She has a positive mentality that allows her to connect effectively with a wide market, from youth to business owners, both national and international. And since America is made up of different cultures, Afi is open to diversity and is bilingual in English and Spanish.

Afi Bell lives in Los Angeles, CA, with confidence and an open mind.

What people are saying…

“Afi Bell motivates so many people with her energetic presentations while she informs us on Epilepsy… It speaks to the challenges we face in one way or another daily. She continues to teach and inspire us. She is a wonderful person and everyone that meets her is inspired to change the world for the better. She always is looking for a way to lift spirits and make us smile.”
– Jacquelyn Deloatch, Area Governor, Toastmasters International

“Afi’s energetic presentation informed us about Epilepsy… It spoke to the challenges we face.. She was passionate about her topic and inspired us with her zeal to educate as many as she can about the disease.”
– Choon Mah-Meggett, Co-Chair, Speakers Bureau 

“After listening to many speeches given by Afi Bell, I do confirm she is inspiring, motivating and very uplifting with her speaking style. She is a warm and confident speaker. Her speech will inspire and motivate her audience.”
– Elaine Roberts, Distinguished Toastmaster, Toastmasters International

Books by Afi Bell

Product DetailsLiving Free with Epilepsy

Living Free with Epilepsy was written to inspire, empower and encourage people living with seizures, however, this is a book that will inspire anyone going through a tough time or trying to accomplish something big. For people living with Epilepsy, this book provides a deeper understanding of this particular health challenge and offers simple solutions for daily management of symptoms, side effects from medicine and some of the obstacles readers might encounter as they move through life. It also provides leads on resources to help you and your family cope, offers channels of ongoing support, everyday wisdom and solutions to our unique problems. With warmth and sincerity, writer Afi Bell also shares a historical view of amazing people who achieved great things while facing the Epileptic challenge. From Julius Caesar to Florence Griffin Joyner, Harriet Tubman to Socrates, Afi shows us how Epilepsy does not have to stop you from living the life of your dreams. From college to adulthood, Afi shares her personal journey and how she overcame major obstacles to fulfill some of her goals. Since Epilepsy is an ongoing challenge, Afi also extends to her readers links to her video blogs which chronicle her journey with this disorder and her restorative process. Happy Reading!


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