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Topics: Boomer Women, Change, Marketing, Midlife Transitions, Resilience

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Dr. Carol Orsborn is an internationally-known author on issues related to Boomer marketing, life stage transitions and quality of life.

She is the author of 21 books translated into 15 languages, including Boom: Marketing to the Ultimate Power Consumer—the Baby Boomer Woman (Brown/Orsborn), Vibrant Nation: What Women 50+ Know, Think, Do and Buy (Reily/Orsborn), and Random House’s The Art of Resilience. Dr. Orsborn has provided counsel to over 100 leading companies in a broad range of industries including Ford, Prudential,Wellpoint and The Walt Disney Company.


Boom On:  Marketing to the Boomer Consumer
Take a tour of the cutting-edge of Boomer, generational life stage and marketing issues with expert Dr. Carol Orsborn.  Carol Orsborn, Ph.D., the author of 21 books, will provide you with the keys to unlocking the full potential of the Boomer demographic.

In this keynote address, special focus is placed on marketing to the ultimate consumer, the Baby Boomer woman.  Don’t just reach the Boomer woman–motivate her.  Dr. Orsborn uses a potent synthesis of adult development theory, ritual studies and motivational marketing to help you tap this demographic goldmine.  Participants master the in’s and out’s of connecting with this challenging but lucrative consumer:  from language and messaging to communications channels and influencers.

A pioneer of the simple living movement, Carol has appeared on Oprah, NBC Nightly News, and on The Today Show multiple times, and has been featured in People Magazine and The New York Times, among others. Carol received her Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University in the area of History and Critical Theory of Religion and has served on the faculties of Georgetown University, Vanderbilt and Pepperdine University.?

Fierce with Age: The Boomer’s Way of Aging

The men and women of the Boomer generation redefined midlife.  Now a vanguard of life stage revolutionaries have broken through the stereotypes of aging to discover that growing old can also mean growing whole.  Dr. Carol Orsborn takes both a futurist and prescriptive look at how this generation is pioneering new ground, which is radically impacting the personal as well as marketing messages that will connect with this dynamic cohort.  In short, through a potent mix of spiritual growth and personal empowerment, Boomers are becoming increasingly unwilling to define success by society’s youth-oriented standards.  Learn how the leading-edge of this generation is increasingly motivated to trade anger, fear and shame for freedom and self-affirmation.

The Art of Resilience:

Leading in Times of Challenge and Change.  Are you and/or your organization facing challenge and change?  Do you find yourself with too many competing demands and priorities? Are your normal problem-solving techniques falling short? Learn the secrets of resilient leaders and organizations to tap into new sources of courage, intuition, flexibility and strength.  Copies of  Dr. Orsborn’s Random House book “The Art of Resilience” can be made available to participants.

What people are saying…

“Very practical and applied learning that has helped build the capability of our employees for the long run.”   – ?Steve Milovich, Senior Vice President Human Resources, Disney-ABC Television Group


“Working with you this week. It felt like we had worked together for years even though we had just met. Your work in the field is incredible! It was truly an honor to have you as part of our event. I welcome the opportunity to work with you again!”

– Erich J. Merkle, Ford Motor Corporate Economics and Strategic Issues

“Carol Osborn manages to reach everyone in the room and not only holds their interest but leaves them with valuable information and ideas to contemplate.”
Diana Caruso, Program Chair, Direct Marketing Association, NYC.

“Carol has that rare and amazing ability to challenge a group’s thinking, and do so in an appealing and supportive manner.  She elevates thinking and enlightens.”

– Devon Scheef, for SoCal Edison

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