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Topics: Inspirational, Women’s Empowerment, Women’s Issues, Work/Life Balance

Areas: San Diego & Los Angeles, California. Please inquire about rates outside of the area.


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Speaker, Author and Strategic Life Coach inspires women to awaken the hero within and live with more vitality, joy and fulfillment.

Are you living a heroic life? You can turn an ordinary life into an extraordinary one full of meaning and purpose,” says Heroes in Heels Strategic Life Coach Carrie Flintom, whose energetic presentation addresses the physical and emotional struggles of women today.

The author of Heroes in Heels: Ignite Your Soul and Awaken the Hero Within, Carrie helps women bring forth and embrace their authentic life missions while creating personal breakthroughs and internal transformations that nourish the soul. Her fun, honest presentations help women discover simple guiding principles that give each day meaning and purpose, awaken their highest self, and provide tools to live the life of their dreams. ?

In just 5 minutes a day, you’ll learn Carrie’s cutting-edge system that gives you everything you need to create powerful change — and see results as soon as Day 1! Her heartfelt presentation and riveting “Woe to Win” personal story of how she became the hero in her life will inspire you to change your life now and bring change to the lives of the women you know. Carrie’s talks create a domino effect of women supporting and empowering other women and break the cycle of women tearing each other down to feel better about themselves — especially in the corporate world. You’ll leave Carrie’s fun, engaging presentations feeling energized, uplifted, and deeply connected to other women, certain that you can create the meaning and fulfillment you deserve on a daily basis.


Best-fit Audiences:


Women, Work, and Wisdom: Tapping into Your Authentic Power!

Are you frustrated and tired of just “getting through” your demanding days and unbalanced life? Is your week full of details and demands, or do you experience a fulfilling week? Do you find yourself facing more disconnects in communication and competitiveness with women colleagues? In this fun, entertaining presentation for today’s professional women, Carrie offers practical, proven strategies that help you transform your challenging daily existence into a life filled with self-love, connection, balance, purpose, and true happiness on a consistent basis. You’ll leave this fulfilling, breakthrough talk knowing how to balance building your career, your family, your relationships, and your dreams.

Living Smarter, Not Harder

Are you stumbling through life without a roadmap and no sense of direction? Tired of merely getting through your days? Should there be more to life than what you are experiencing on a daily basis? In this fun and inspiring presentation, Carrie guides you on a new journey with her proven “5 in 5” daily technique to living S.M.A.R.T. Awaken and transform your daily existence into a life filled with gratitude, purpose and fulfillment Start living SMARTER, not HARDER?.

Whose Train Are You On

Are you living someone else’s life? If you’re not on your train, you’re just a passenger in someone else’s life. Do you sometimes suspect you bypassed your dreams for the dreams of your spouse, children, parents? Is your life all about them and making sure they are happy? In this heartwarming presentation, Carrie shares her own personal journey of spending her life riding everyone’s train but her own, and how it eventually led her into a dark garage where she experienced a life- changing moment. When you hear how she finally found her own train and the magic that came into her life as a result, you’ll be inspired to do the same. Come and experience this amazing journey, step into your own greatness, and start living the authentic life you are meant to live. It’s time!

Reclaiming Your Life

Have you ever thought to yourself in a quiet moment, “How on earth did I get here?” Our responsibilities can consume our lives to the point that we forget why we’re doing it all in the first place! Many of us have spent so many years running through life on automatic pilot that we wake up one day and find ourselves lost within our own lives. Marriage, children, careers and responsibilities can consume our lives to the extent that we forget why we’re doing these things and what makes us truly happy. In this moving presentation, Carrie explains why we are all exactly where we need to be on our journey — until we’re not. You’ll leave this empowering talk with the tools and techniques to reclaim your life and start living the way you were meant to live.

Awakening the Hero Within: Creating the Meaning of Your Own Life

The answers to a fulfilling life are not found outside us, but rather within. We can either spend our lives searching for the meaning of life or create it for ourselves. In this talk, Carrie provides guiding principles that give each day new meaning and purpose and produce a transformation in our hearts. In this fun, entertaining presentation, she shows you how to transform the ordinary moments of your life into extraordinary experiences as you awaken the hero within.

Carrie Flintom is a Certified Strategic Life Coach dedicated to helping women who are struggling to balance the demands of work and/or family, lost in the consuming details of their lives, challenged with a life transition, or simply tired of living an overloaded and unfulfilling existence. A sought-after speaker and author, she offers practical, effective coaching techniques that help women create a life filled with passion, purpose, and meaning. Carrie is the mother of three grown children and lives in San Diego, California, with her husband. Recent appearances include: Bentwater Ladies Organization, Simi Valley Hospital Foundation “Hats off to Women”, Qualcomm, California State Employees Association Women’s Conference, and The Orange County Association of Educational Office Professionals. Upcoming presentations include Wells Fargo Bank- No. California Region, and TEDx Irvine.

What people are saying…

“You were fantastic! Everyone just LOVED your presentation. I have started utilizing the SMART techniques you discussed in your workshop and people around me are telling me that I am positively glowing! If this happens after a few days, I can’t wait to see the change in a month!”
—Nancy Kobata, California State Employees Association Women’s Committee

“I just wanted to express how much I appreciate the time you took to talk with us and even give us your book. There are many areas that you touched on that I look forward to applying to my life, so I can start living life instead of just surviving. Thank you so much for sharing your own path and experiences – you are captivating, funny, and motivational.”
—Susy, Qualcomm

“I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for the delightful talk you gave at our BLO luncheon today, which many of our members called the best program ever. I have had so many positive comments that I can’t even begin to count them! We were all inspired and our spirits were renewed and revived.”
—Sheri Benton, Bentwater Ladies Organization

“We had a fantastic time and several comments about our great program—YOU!? I think you talked directly to many of our members and they got your message.”
—Shirley Parish, Bentwater Ladies Organization

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