Donna LaMar, PhD

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Topics: Equine Therapy,  Horticulture Therapy, PTSD/Trauma, Women’s Empowerment, Christian, Healing,  Spirituality, Personal Development

Area: Fremont MI, Newaygo County, Western Michigan, Nationwide

Title: Equine and Horticulture Therapist, Psychologist, Co-founder of The Farm: Where Living Things Grow


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Psychologist/Equine and Horticulture Therapist offers trauma and PTSD victims breakthrough system that uses our powerful connection with plants and animals to heal deep emotional pain and overcome any challenge.

Is anger, pain, depression, anxiety, poor self-esteem, or PTSD destroying your life? Do you have deep, unresolved issues of abuse and neglect? “It’s time to stop being a victim and start enjoying the life you were meant to live,” says psychologist and author Donna F. LaMar, whose life-altering presentation gently guides you through Equine and Horticulture Therapy, a breakthrough system to end the pain that’s been controlling your existence.

For 30 years, Donna LaMar has been helping people of all generations and all walks of life to heal in the aftermath of trauma. “You can start now to live your full potential, both personally and professionally,” says Dr. Donna, who uses Equine and Horticulture Therapy to connect your senses with the beauty and power of nature to heal your emotional pain. With her profound understanding of abuse and neglect and its root cause, she presents a step-by-step process that shifts you from your current path of victimhood to one of transcendence. “As a Transcender, you’ll transform all aspects of your life to the level where dreams actually materialize, and you’ll end the cycle of victimhood forever,” she explains.

You’ll hear stories from Dr. Donna’s traumatic past and those of others that underscore the chronic trauma so pervasive in today’s society—often inflicted by our nearest and dearest. The author of If Marie Did It, So Can I: How to Survive, Heal and Transcend Abuse and Neglect, Dr. LaMar has served on the boards of numerous youth and family organizations. She’s an expert witness on the subject of trauma and its effects on the lives of children and families, has hosted her own radio show, and is a popular national speaker on the subject of abuse and neglect.

If you’re suffering from the pain of past traumatic events or PTSD, Dr. LaMar may present the solution you’ve been waiting for. You’ll leave Donna LaMar’s healing, interactive presentation with a new perspective on what you’ve endured, ready to become a Transcender who’s finally on the path to the joyful person you were meant to be.


  • Abuse, Neglect and Trauma Victims
  • Churches, Synagogues, Religious, Christian Groups
  • Therapists, Psychologists, Counselors, Coaches
  • Women’s Groups, Career Women
  • Caretakers, Healers, Health Workers, Cancer Survivors
  • Rehab Centers, Recovery Support Groups
  • Healthcare Groups, Hospitals
  • Medical Offices; Nursing Programs, Medical Centers
  • Parents, Educators
  • Colleges, Universities, Schools, Youth Groups
  • Community Organizations
  • Corporations, Business Groups, Nonprofits
  • Baby Boomers, Millennials, Retirees


Offered as keynotes, breakouts, seminars or workshops (1/2 day, full-day), retreats, trainings, and webinars. Dr. LaMar is also available as a panel guest or moderator.

From Victim to Victor
Are you suffering from the trauma of abuse and neglect, past or present? No matter how severe the trauma you’ve suffered, this presentation will give you the components you need to heal, grow, and gain wisdom from the experience. You’ll learn the way out of victimhood and why it does not have to be a permanent condition.

“No one has to keep suffering the pain of what happened to them forever,” says Dr. Donna Lamar, who takes you step by step through the process of healing with the breakthrough Ecotherapy system that connects you with nature’s beauty and profound healing power. You’ll journey through the process of healing, from recognizing and acknowledging the ordeal you endured to finally transcending the experience and elevating yourself from victimhood to a life of satisfaction and wholeness. Every audience leaves this presentation with life-altering strategies that transform them from victim to victor.

Faith, Healing, and Growing: Healing with God
Are you looking for healing in all the wrong places—or not at all? It’s time to turn to the ultimate healer—God. In this spiritually-awakening presentation, Dr. Donna LaMar reveals the requisite steps to healing—from “grieving for our losses to reclaiming the whole and healthy individual that God intends us to be.” You’ll experience reconnection with the awesome power of God’s love, as He heals and infuses you with the wisdom and insight of your Authentic Self. No matter how bad the trauma suffered in the past, this talk inspires each audience member to reclaim their faith in the healing power of God and follow the path He intended for their lives.

The 3 Steps for Healing from Abuse and Neglect
Are you suffering from the trauma of abuse and neglect in every corner of your life, but unable to find a way out? “Trauma affects us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, in addition to impacting our relationships,” says Dr. Donna LaMar, “but there’s a simple formula to take you from the painful place you’re in now to the healthy place you deserve to be.” You’ll learn how to develop the coping skills that create a protective shield to make you feel safe, as well as to help you let go of the pain and get on with your healing.

Your audience members will learn to use Dr. LaMar’s 3-step formula for healing their emotions through their newly-forged connection with nature and the environment. They will gain a clearer understanding of their traumatic experience and learn how to trade victimhood for the ability to transcend their shattered past and build themselves a whole and bountiful future. Everyone leaves this life-changing presentation ready to start living in greater balance and harmony, and with a deeper sense of fulfillment.


Meet Donna F. LaMar, PhD…

Licensed psychologist, lecturer, director, and cofounder of The Farm: Where Living Things Grow. Inc., Donna F. LaMar, Ph.D., helps trauma victims of abuse and neglect heal through her non-profit organization, which uses innovative technologies such as Ecotherapy. In private practice as a psychologist for over thirty years, Dr. Donna has helped many people of different generations and all walks of life to heal in the aftermath of trauma. A longtime researcher, she has a profound understanding of abuse and neglect and is currently studying the lives of adults who have successfully made the transition from victim to Transcender.

The author of If Marie Did It, So Can I: How to Survive, Heal and Transcend Abuse and Neglect, Dr. LaMar has served on the boards of numerous youth and family organizations. A mental health consultant to Head Start programs, she has also served as a consultant and evaluator for several government agencies. Frequently appearing in court as an expert in the field of abuse and neglect, she has hosted her own radio show and is often interviewed by the media for her expertise. Dr. LaMar has spoken nationally about her personal and professional experience on the subject of abuse and neglect.

What people are saying…

“Thank you for helping me grow as a clinician and heal as an individual/adult. Awesome stuff!!”
—Henry Traverse, court officer and director of a state youth program

This was an extremely useful seminar. It addressed abuse and neglect issues relevant in today’s society and helped us understand how we can make a difference in the lives of others and bring about positive change in the world. What a great opportunity for healing and growth!
—Bryon Paulson, M.D., director of a mental health program

Dr. LaMar’s evident passion and understanding of the topic, as well as how eloquently she presented it, was wonderful. She brought to life a very important topic in a very organized and realistic way. Thank you!  —Suzanne Middleton, Ph.D, director of state-run community mental health organization

Dr. LaMar was very knowledgeable and approachable… Nice balance between experimental and didactic creative material. Outstanding workbook material.
Dorothy Laney, MA, LLP, teacher

Enlightened and enhanced my desire to help others overcome their abusive past to lead a healthier lifestyle.
—Michelle Mincher, social worker

If Marie Did It, So Can I: How to Survive, Heal and Transcend Abuse and Neglect

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Want to become a Transcender who overcomes abuse and neglect and creates a healthy life? Here’s a book that shows how to become independent of your past and have the quality of life you’ve always dreamed of—and introduces you to people who have done just that.

Dr. LaMar is a successful psychologist, consultant, training workshop leader, author, and radio host who has spent thirty years studying and researching the Transcendent Personality (people who rise above their circumstances by using them as an incentive, not an excuse). She has spoken nationally, and her work has been published in Woman’s World, The Executary, and Parents magazine. She’s the cofounder of  The Farm: Where Living Things Grow, Inc.—a unique nonprofit program that uses the breakthrough system of Ecotherapy to help people of all ages heal and grow using plants, animals, and nature. Dr. Donna is active in her community, working to prevent abuse and neglect, including substance abuse. She is co-chairman of Safe and Drug Free Families. (Visit her website at



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