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Topics: Baby Boomers, Change, Lifestyles, Senior Issues, Transitions

Areas: Los Angeles, S. California

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Change specialist takes fear out of change and shows how to turn any change into an exciting adventure that leads to positive outcomes and enriches your life.

Are you afraid of change? Is it an adventure and opportunity, or the harbinger of fear and loss? Do you say, “I wonder what’s around the next corner” or “I’m afraid of what may happen tomorrow”?

“My mission is to help people get over their fear of change,” says Inga Liden, whose dynamic talks take the fear out of change and turn it into an exciting adventure. Her 3-step program shows how to manage change and make it work for you as you organize the chaos, eliminate your fears, and create an action plan that leads you through new doors that open as old ones close.

If you’ve ever been told to change your office, work description, duties, food habits, residence, or if you’re facing “forced change,” such as a new boss, you know the feeling of change you did not ask for or desire. Inga takes the anxiety out of this and any type of change by showing you how to identify your choices, evaluate them, and make the right decision that leads to positive results. Her talks are especially suited to companies where both staff and management deal with constant change, as well as baby boomers and seniors considering a change in lifestyle or circumstances. Everyone leaves Inga’s fun presentations knowing how to turn fear of change into new opportunities and pathways to growth and success. “Successful people manage change to their advantage,” says Inga. “You can learn to use it to create the life you want and feel like a winner.”

Best-fit Audiences

  •  Corporations, business groups, non-profits
  •  Executive managers, sales reps, entrepreneurs
  •  Colleges, youth groups
  •  Entrepreneurs, small offices
  •  Baby boomers and Seniors groups


Customized for your group and presented as Keynotes, Workshops or Seminars (1/2 day or full-day); Inga Liden is also available as a Panel Guest or Moderator.

Embracing Change: How to Transform Change from Fear to Adventure

Change can be fearful, but this talk transforms fear of change into the joy of change. You’ll learn Inga Liden’s 3-step program that takes the anxiety out of dealing with change and ensures you’ll make the best choices possible. You’ll learn how to evaluate your options and put a “price tag” on the choices at hand so you find the best “buy” for you. Worried about choices you made in the past, such as should you have divorced your spouse or changed your job? Inga shows how to deal with worry about past decisions too, restoring your power and confidence to cope with change. You’ll leave this talk feeling empowered to manage whatever change or challenge life throws your way.

Lifestyle Changes for Seniors

How to decide if you should stay in your home with full-time assistance or move to a senior community

Learn the pros, cons, and possibilities offered by senior communities as Inga’s enlightening talk surveys the options available to baby boomers and seniors considering lifestyle changes. You’ll get the facts about senior community living, where you can keep your independence, socialize when you feel like it, and have all the amenities of a cruise ship or luxury hotel. “You can enjoy gourmet food, golf and tennis, walk paths and hiking trails, entertainment, a gym, swimming, bistros, restaurants, and lovely apartments with fireplaces, walk-in closets, and 24-hour security,” says Inga, an expert in senior communities in California. “No more dealing with home repairs, because guest services fixes everything, providing a carefree lifestyle,” she adds. You’ll learn how to find communities, evaluate them (ranging from 1 to 5 stars), and how to decide if this lifestyle is right for you.

Meet Inga Liden…

Inga Liden was born in Stockholm, Sweden, and educated in Sweden, England and France. After earning her M.A. in Anthropology from Stockholm and Uppsala Universities, she discovered life in America, married, and settled on the East Coast, where she “turned entrepreneur” and started an art gallery, gift shop, and cooking school. She moved to California, then back to Stockholm, where she represented American colleges in Europe and Asia and promoted international education. It was her mother’s challenges with aging that sparked her interest in CHANGE, and for the last ten years, she has worked in sales and marketing for senior living communities in California.

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