Jacqueline R Robertson, CTM

Jacqueline R. Robertson, CTM

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Contact: (951)769-3338
E-Mail: dream-it-first@msn.com
Website: dream-it-first.com
Availability: S. California

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Topics: Business, Inspirational, Motivational, Personal Development, Self Empowerment, Success

Areas: Nationwide, S. California



Successful author and entrepreneur known as “The Dream Sister” shows how using only 20% of your effort can bring you 80% or more of what you want when you work with proven universal laws.

Is it true that with a mere 20% effort, you get 80% or more of what you want?

“Absolutely!” says Jacqueline R Robertson, known as the “Dream Sister,” who is the author of Dream-it-First: The 80/20 Law to manifestation of Dreams and Goals. See more WWW.SBPRA.com/JacquelineRRobertson. “There’s a key universal law which governs every single area of your life! Once you I.D. what it is and how it works, you’ve taken a first step towards transforming your entire life!” In her signature talk, based on her ground-breaking book, Jacqueline shows you how to harness this key and powerful law then allow it to effortlessly work just for you in manifesting your dreams in life.

Jacqueline’s revolutionary presentation shows how by now using a little-known natural phemomenon in our lives known as the “80/20 law” (that approximately 80% of the population doesn’t even know about) can help you stay totally focused on your enlighten dreams and goals with only a mere 20% “more effort” in everything! She’ll give you 5 proven key steps that will help you quickly isolate and identify your own personal key “20 percents” that’s always been mysteriously nested in your life that, without your awareness, has given you more using less of your efforts or has adversely given you less using more of your efforts whether its in your health, relationships, business, family or finances.

Jacqueline knows all about struggle. She conquered a hearing impairment, lost both parents at age 17, later lost her husband of 21 years to cancer, and has a son who suffered a near-fatal gunshot wound to the head. But none of these tragedies has kept her from creating even more personal and professional success. Her message is simple: “Regardless of where you are in life right now or what your present conditions are or what you’ve experienced over past intervals in your life, you can begin to live your dreams with less effort! ” says Jacqueline.

“My mission is to share the effortless road maps that I know will lead anyone to success, and inspire people with the exciting challenge of growth and positive key changes in their lives,” says Jacqueline, who is a licensed Real Estate broker, published author, and holds credentials in occupational therapy, business administration, and legal services. Winner of numerous awards in business sales, Jacqueline has created more than five successful businesses all with no money and has inspired sales people, entrepreneurs, corporations, nonprofit service organizations and many others who have heard her dynamic talk. You’ll leave her eye-opening presentation amazed at just how little effort you’ll exert to realize your dreams!

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