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Topics: Baby Boomers, Goal Setting, Travel

Areas: Dallas, Texas; National

Title: Travel Expert


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Travel expert reveals insider secrets to saving big money on regional, domestic and international vacations—from quick domestic junkets to full-out custom world tours.

Are you getting the best bang for your travel buck? Forget those tedious Internet searches, says travel expert John Krieger. They don’t yield the best results for your wallet or for your travel fun. John has spent 40 years as an advisor and agency owner, with his fingers on the pulse of travel trends. He knows every trick of the trade to move you from destination unknown to memories unforgettable.

A sought-out expert who has appeared on Fox and CBS radio and television, John spent 12 years on the Advisory Board of, the nation’s largest consortium of travel agents. “I love to show consumers how to save time and money, whether they use an advisor or not,” he says. “Everyone wants to save on vacation travel and I teach you how to do it.” He’s been a speaker at major travel conferences and consumer events, and his work has been covered in Travel Weekly, Cruise Week and Travel Trade Magazine as well as regional publications. He is also a leader in the area of training travel advisors.

John’s fast-paced, funny, fact-packed presentation will cover:

  • Ways to outsmart travel sites that track and manipulate your searches
  • Top travel apps and websites for money-saving deals
  • Least expensive times to travel
  • What you need to know about price discrimination
  • Best time to buy: air, car, hotels, cruises, river cruises, and land vacations
  • How to work with a travel advisor to get the best trip for your needs with the least amount of stress
  • Ways to dig out hidden value in cruise and land vacations
  • Importance of Trip Cancellation/Interruption insurance
  • Benefits of using a travel advisor versus being your own agent
  • Ins and outs of multigenerational, single and solo travel
  • Why there’s been a huge uptick in the use of travel advisors over online travel agencies like Travelocity and Expedia.

“More and more, people are seeking out travel agents rather than Web searches,” says John. “Believe it or not, Millennials actually lead Boomers in the use of travel agents more than two to one because they know how long Web shopping really takes and how unreliable it is. And, they know how much it means to have a real live person to call if travel arrangements fall apart in the middle of the night.” Best of all, he notes, most services of your human travel advisor are free!

You’ll leave John’s lively, inspired presentation with the specific skills, connections and resources to create a travel experience that’s perfect for your needs.


Best-fit Audiences

  • Corporations, business groups , non-profits
  • Baby Boomers, Millennials, retirees
  • Business and civic groups
  • Inexperienced and seasoned travelers

Keynote Presentation

Presented as a keynote, breakout, seminar or workshop, retreat, training and webinar. John Krieger is also available as a panel guest or moderator. 

Secrets to Saving Money and Outsmarting the Internet when Buying Vacation Travel

John Krieger’s dynamic presentation will teach you:

  • The key questions to ask yourself when planning a vacation
  • How land and cruise vacations prices work
  • Where and when to buy air, car, hotel, land vacations, sea cruises and river cruises
  • How the cards are stacked against you on the Internet through price discrimination
  • How changing demographics are affecting the world of travel
  • Trends and predictions in travel in the future
  • How hidden fees can impact the cost of your trip
  • Why travel insurance is one of the most important purchases to make
  • How to get the most value for your vacation dollar

Whether you use a travel advisor or book yourself, you’ll leave this talk knowing how to save time, avoid hidden fees and Internet scams, and get the best value for your dollar as you plan your next getaway.


Meet John Krieger…

Passionate traveler John Krieger has combined the excitement of leisure getaways with the satisfaction of teaching others how to build memories without breaking the bank. “I was offered a job in travel sales 40 years ago,” he says, “and I’ve never looked back. Vacation time and the money you spend on travel are two life-long issues for everyone. Travel experiences last a lifetime. I relish helping people take the unknown and turn it into the unforgettable.”

John is a nationally recognized expert who has owned his own travel agencies for over 35 years and still keeps his hand in the daily running of his current 28-year-old agency. He’s appeared on Fox and CBS radio and television, and is in his 12th year on the Advisory Board of, the nation’s largest consortium of travel agents with over 5300 members. A frequent speaker at conferences, he’s given talks to everyone from the Optimists Clubs to the Dallas Travel and Adventure Show. “Our business is so dynamic,” he says, “that I never give the same speech twice.” John’s work has been covered in Travel Weekly, Cruise Week and Travel Trade Magazine as well as regional publications.

He is also an educator, training travel advisors to be much more than order-takers. “I teach agents how to work with the customer to create memorable vacations by using their expertise,” he says. “That’s the value a travel advisor brings to the equation. A financial advisor manages your money. A travel advisor manages your travel experience.”

John is himself an avid traveler. “I go on safari in Africa because I’m an animal nut,” he says. “Tahiti is a favorite because I love its beauty and diving. I am a certified diver with over 100 dives around the world. I visit Australia/New Zealand because both the people and the land are fascinating and remind me of the U.S. 30 years ago.” He’s also been on over 100 cruises, and around the world several times.

John is just as thrilled to assist other travelers. “I love to show consumers how to save time and money, whether they use an advisor or not,” he says. “Everyone wants to save on vacation travel. I teach you how to do it.”


What people are saying…

“Because of John’s extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, I put him in front of hundreds of our clients each year. Everyone loves his attention to detail and leaves knowing they’ll be able to arrange the best travel experiences ever!”
—Linda Hampton, Money Matters, Plano, TX

 “I was so pleased with how John and the staff at CTC Travel addressed my own travel needs that I had him give his travel presentation to four different groups for me. Everyone left happy, filled with ideas for saving money on their vacation travel.”
—Larry Williams, President, Dallas Alumni Chapter of Sigma Chi Fraternity Dallas, TX




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