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Topics: Writing/Publishing, Christian, Military/Veterans, Inspirational, Motivational, Online Marketing

Areas: Alabama, Alaska, S. California, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi, Virginia, Washington DC; National

Title: Motivational Speaker, Publishing Authority, Life Coach, Business/Marketing Consultant


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Pastor, author and former Navy diver shares global adventures that translate into strategies you can use to beat the competition, grow your business, and write the book that establishes you as an authority in your field.

Are you tired of losing business to the competition? Do you want to break through personal and professional barriers to propel yourself and your organization to exciting new summits? Do you crave profound personal fulfillment from your success, rather than just breeding more things to do—things that steal your time and sap your energy?

Jon Cardwell’s detailed yet down-to-earth approach to guiding executives, entrepreneurs and enterprising leaders of all kinds will help you develop strategies to take you higher than you’ve ever imagined. A featured guest on Fox News, CBS, ABC and NBC, his dramatic keynotes and presentations are filled with a lifetime of global adventures transformed into actionable principles that speak to both fledgling business owners with startups and seasoned veterans with years in the corporate trenches. You’ll smile, laugh and nod in agreement as you enjoy the many ‘aha’ moments in Jon’s fun, interactive talks.

Drawing on years of rigorous discipline in military service followed by his fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants duties of ministry in the jungles of the Philippines and in remote fishing villages along Alaska’s Bering Sea in temps as low as –100°F, Jon regales his audience with a heartfelt “been there, done that, bought the T-shirt” style that both creates excitement and puts them at ease.

Does your group have members who want to write and self-publish a book about their own unique experiences? Jon inspires by showing it’s totally doable and gives them the tools they need to write, publish and promote their book—a great way to establish themselves as experts in their fields.

You’ll emerge from Jon’s engaging talks with renewed energy and purpose to promote your unique brand, strategically position yourself as an expert in your field, provide your target audience with rare and exceptional value, increase profits, and broaden your reach to pursue new markets. And event planners love Jon because he customizes his talk for their group and provides an introduction they can use as is or adjust to their style.

Fast Facts

  • In 1988, Jon supervised a diving operation to allow divers to stand on the deck of the sunken USS Arizona, a first since the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941.
  • He has been to the North Pole in Alaska and to the South Pole in Antarctica, so you might say he’s “bi-polar.”
  • Jon served as the chairman and vice-chair of the national Sovereign Grace Baptist Fellowship and has hosted a weekly radio broadcast on WGRW in Alabama since 2009.

What people are saying…
“Jon’s marketing savvy and knowledge in publishing not only got me up and running with my book, he was instrumental in getting the book to #1 on Amazon in the two categories he researched for me.”
– Jeffrey D. Johnson, ThD, Grace Bible Church

Best-fit Audiences

  • Conferences, Conventions, Trade Shows
  • Expos, Fairs, Retreats
  • Corporations, Non-Profits
  • Parties, Events of all types
  • CEOs, Executive Managers, HR Professionals
  • Team Leaders, Sales Reps
  • Business & Civic Groups
  • Women’s Groups, Career Women
  • Baby Boomers, Millennials
  • Seniors, Retirees
  • Community Organizations
  • Colleges, Universities, Schools, Youth Groups
  • Attorneys, Financial Planners, Investors
  • Parents, Educators
  • Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Small Offices
  • Travel Companies, Cruise Lines
  • Political & Historical Groups/Associations
  • Churches, Synagogues, Religious Groups
  • Christian Groups
  • Libraries, Museums
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Hospitality Organizations, Restaurant Associations
  • Fitness Pros, Gym Owners, Personal Trainers
  • Realtors, Real Estate Associations, Property Owners
  • Rehab Centers, Recovery Support Groups


Offered as keynotes, breakouts, seminars or workshops, retreats, trainings and webinars, and customized for your group. Jon Cardwell is also available as a panel guest or moderator.

Harness the Power of Publishing to Promote Your Business

Need to stand out amidst the competition? Want to boost your authority with a competitive edge? Join Jon Cardwell in creating your ultimate business card—a published book!

“Publish or perish” is no longer a term reserved for academics—it’s true for businesses today. If you’re passionate about a particular field or an expert of any kind, you need to get into print to take your business to the next level, and it’s never been simpler to publish a book than it is right now!

You’ll discover 5 self-publishing facts that dispel the myths that keep you from enjoying the benefits of being a published author and the powerful P’s of self-publishing that allow you to promote your unique brand and position yourself as the expert in your field… and much, much more!

Jon’s made every possible mistake along the way so you don’t have to! Instead, you’ll benefit from his experience and delight in how easy it is to use self-publishing to jumpstart or boost your career. Jon encourages everyone to self-publish, and with the tools he provides in his presentations, the task is doable and the results achievable.

Boost Sales Using Covert Conversions

Tired of losing customers to the competition? Join Jon Cardwell in using “Irresistible Offers” as lead magnets to exponentially grow your business and position yourself head-and-shoulders above the competition while not coming across as pushy or sales-y. You’ll discover the 4 Biggest Mistakes MOST BUSINESSES make with their online marketing strategies; the 4-Fold Litmus Test to ensure your online offer is truly irresistible; the Secret to Get Your Online Visitors to ACT NOW… and help you eliminate a ton of future headaches down the line; and a few simple tweaks you can make to see dramatic increases to your current online marketing campaigns. You’re doing your online visitors a grave disservice by allowing them to click away from the products or services your business has to offer. They came to you to have a problem solved. Make their decision to stick with you and stay with you a no-brainer!

Passion, Position and Your Unique Selling Proposition

Tired of losing customers to the competition? Join Jon Cardwell in crafting your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to grow your business by showcasing what is uniquely and powerfully YOU. Many people can do what you do, and even serve what you offer, but no one can be who you are. The challenge is how to convey your uniqueness to your audience.

In this motivational marketing talk, you’ll discover how to keep, cultivate and convey your passion so the way your company is perceived by others most closely lines up with your passion, perspective and philosophy; how to ACT when enhancing your position in your field to establish Authority, Credibility and Trust; the ABCs of targeting your audience to prospect leads and create clients; and the five basic steps for crafting your irresistible USP. Make your potential client’s decision to stick with you and stay with you a no-brainer!

Meet Jon J. Cardwell…

Known as a “Spirited Speaker with Compelling Insights” and the “Concierge of Biblical Christianity,” Jon Cardwell is a sought-after speaker for keynotes and presentations in ministry, marketing and ‘mogo-on-the-g’go-go.’

Growing up in a Navy family as the eldest of four children, Jon attended nearly two dozen schools by the time he graduated high school. Having moved so much during his youth, he dropped out of college and enlisted in the U.S. Navy to scratch the itch to travel and fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a Navy “frogman.”

A decade and a half in the U.S. Navy has taken him to the extreme north of the planet in Alaska and the extreme south in Antarctica. As a deep sea diver, he has explored the depths of the ocean from Panama City to Point Loma to Pago Pago to the Republic of Palau. As a pastor and missionary to remote locales for nearly two decades after his Navy career, Jon has taken the gospel to the tropical jungles of Negros Oriental as well as to the Aleut and Yup’ik natives of Alaska in climates as low as –100°F in villages along the Bering Sea.

Jon’s globetrotting and diversified background have been useful for ministering to others, recognizing that there are a multitude of perspectives all around the world. He has eaten snake in Subic Bay and seal in Scammon Bay; monkey in Asia and moose in Alaska; balut (pronounced bu-loot’) in Luzon and bison in Lincoln. He has survived floods, blizzards, super typhoons, a major volcanic eruption, swimming with sharks, and a life-threatening disease. He has met a prince and ministered to the poorest of the poor in their homes in the garbage dump of Manila.

Jon has planned and supervised countless Navy diving operations and has the distinctive honor of being the diving supervisor for the first diving operation that allowed a diver to reenlist on the deck of the U.S.S. Arizona since it sunk on December 7, 1941. Jon is an expert marksman with small arms and a qualified instructor with high explosives, a skilled boatswain and coxswain, has sailed the waters of Hawaii, and paddled his kayak completely around the island of Oahu. For a brief period of time, he did stunt work and acted on stage and in B-movie action/adventure sagas in Hollywood.

What people are saying…

“Wow. Jon is brilliant!…. I highly recommend him, and I truly mean it!”
– “Dee” Diamante, Author, Success Coach

“Simply amazing.”
– Timothy Gallagher, Business Owner, Wildcat Pawn, LLC

” [Jon is] a pleasure to work with, and he really wants the best for our business.”
– Jimmy Turner, Business Owner, Roffler Shop

“Jon is the real deal when it comes to digital marketing.”
– Rick Alldredge, Business Owner, Gem Shoe Repair

Books by Jon J. Cardwell

Product DetailsNew! Master Mega Marketing

Did you know your business is losing potential customers each week to your competition? And what’s worse, you have no control over new customers needing your services.

How do I know this? Well, if you’re reading this book description, you know there’s more you can do to generate leads, bring in new customers, and stop losing sales to the competition. Customers are searching for local businesses who can provide the things they WANT and NEED… Read more…

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