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Author, extreme athlete, entrepreneur and two-time cancer survivor empowers others to say “I CAN” in the face of major challenges.

Are you facing a challenge or crisis that seems too much to bear? Jothy Rosenberg was 16 when he lost his right leg to deadly bone cancer and 19 when the cancer spread to his lungs. Things got even worse when his doctor warned: “When this cancer metastasizes, no one has survived.” That’s when young Jothy left home to become a ski bum until he dropped dead.

But 40 years later, Jothy Rosenberg is not only still alive, he’s living life to the fullest and helping others do so too! In his inspirational, life-changing talks, he reveals the action steps and winning formula he used to beat the odds, put his life back together, and not just survive, but thrive! Featured on the Today show (twice), CNN, and in USA Today and The Boston Globe, Jothy Rosenberg is a passionate speaker, an everyman who triumphed over unbearable odds.

Jothy’s uplifting, humorous talk is perfect for conferences that need a unique speaker to energize, entertain and motivate their group, and for schools and youth groups teaching kids they can “do it no matter what” when they face hardships. It’s highly motivational for salespeople and corporate groups, and inspires doctors and their patients dealing with cancer or disabilities to expand their concept of what’s possible.

Jothy Rosenberg speaks to everyday people who find it hard to identify with celebrity motivators—movie stars, politicians, Olympic athletes—but can relate to someone just like them who beat the odds. You’ll learn how three traits—insecurity and exceptionalism, combined with discipline—allow many with so-called “disabilities” to excel, and often outperform, able-bodied people. “Combining these traits turns you into an unstoppable force,” says Jothy, a TEDx speaker and author of the bestseller Who Says I Can’t. “I don’t just tell people how to deal with extreme challenges and come out better and stronger than ever; I show them exactly how to do it.”

You’ll watch amazing videos that show how Jothy and other highly accomplished, disabled athletes used sports to repair their self-esteem and self-confidence, and see them in action as they excel at extreme sports.

Group after group has been brought to tears before they were brought to their feet cheering, resolved to strike the words “I can’t” from their lives. “My talks are not about cancer or disability,” says Jothy, “though those were the things that knocked me flat for a while. They’re for everyone, because we all have some sort of life knock-down from which we need to bounce back.” The audience leaves Jothy’s life-changing talk filled with confidence that they can beat any obstacle life throws their way and never say “can’t” again.

100% of Jothy Rosenberg’s speaking fees go to his Who Says I Can’t Foundation that helps those recently disabled get back into life by getting back into sports.

□ Corporations, business groups, non-profits
□ Executive managers, sales reps, team leaders, HR professionals
□ Colleges, universities, schools, youth groups
□ Business and civic groups
□ Entrepreneurs, small offices
□ Tech/electronics specialists and hobbyists
□ Health care groups, hospitals, medical offices
□ Health spas, fitness centers
□ Rehab centers, recovery support groups
□ Caretakers, healers, health workers, cancer survivors

Keynote Presentations

Who Says I Can’t?
Does your group need a positive, inspirational story from an ordinary person who triumphed over a life-threatening situation? In this lively talk, Jothy tells the story of an everyman who overcame almost unbearable odds. Unlike talks by celebrity motivators, this talk is for everyday people who find it hard to identify with politicians, movie stars, or Olympic athletes, but can relate to a powerful story of how someone just like them beat the odds. You’ll learn how Jothy used sports to repair his self-image and regain his self-confidence, and you’ll watch an exciting video that shows him in action as he participates in extreme sports. Group after group has been brought to tears before they were brought to their feet cheering ? and everyone leaves this talk resolving to remove the word “can’t” from their vocabulary and their lives.

War Stories of an Incorrigible Entrepreneur Who Says I Can’t?

In a series of fascinating and humorous stories, Jothy recounts the good, the bad and the ugly of startups and entrepreneurship so that you’ll have a better startup experience. Aimed at past, present and future entrepreneurs, Jothy draws on his 20 years’ experience launching and/or running eight high-tech startups to clarify what you need to know and what you should ask before forming or joining a startup. You’ll learn about business models and why they matter, how to evaluate a business plan and company management, what you must know about the financing and capital structure of startups, and many other issues that are often overlooked. Jothy is a seasoned veteran of high-tech startups, eight as founder and three as investor. He has had successes (two companies he founded sold for $100M+) and failures, and he has raised over $85M in venture capital from more than a dozen firms. 

Jothy Rosenberg’s Foundation:

Meet Jothy Rosenberg…

Jothy Rosenberg is an entrepreneur who has founded and/or run high-tech startups since 1988. He’s the author of three successful technical books, and the inspirational Who Says I Can’t, the story of how, as a two-time cancer survivor, he used sports to regain his self-esteem and rebuild his life. Jothy is a frequent speaker at corporate conferences, universities, medical centers, schools and clubs, and has appeared at events for ESPN, Netflix, First American Title Insurance, Massachusetts General Hospital, Duke Medical Center, The Naval War College, and many others.

A sought-after media guest, Jothy has been featured on The Today Show, Fox, CBS radio and in USA TodayThe Boston Globe, and The Boston Herald. He’s a black-diamond skier, Class IV-V whitewater rafter, open water swimmer (18X Alcatraz Sharkfest finisher), and has raised over $100,000 for the world-renowned Dana-Farber Cancer Institute through bike-a-thons. Jothy has received numerous awards, including the Heroes Among Us Award from the Boston Celtics and the Katie Lynch Inspirational Speaker Award from the Lynch Foundation. He’s currently Chairman of Sheepdog, Inc., a Google Apps partner, and he’s the creator and host of the upcoming TV series Who Says I Can’t, which features stories of incredible men and women who have suffered a knock-down but used sports to rebuild their lives.

What people are saying…

“Just days after the tragic events at the Boston Marathon and moments before the lockdown of the city, Jothy began his drive up to Canada to speak to us at The Healthy Living Expo in Belleville, Ontario. As a cancer survivor, amputee and extreme athlete, Jothy’s message of determination and courage was deeply inspiring. But add to this the knowledge of all of those newly injured in the horrific events of the marathon, and his underlying message of hope, support and the importance of acceptance and strength in the face of adversity became even more poignant. Rosenberg is an ambassador of hope and courage. He teaches us that only we can determine our abilities and our worth. Jothy is a living reminder that where there is a will, there is a way. Thank you, Jothy, for making the journey and for sharing so much of yourself with us.”
—Amy Doyle, founder The Healthy Living Expo, Ontario, Canada

“I want to express my sincerest thanks for giving such an inspiring lecture on April 11. As reflected by the large turnout and wonderful feedback I have received, it was very well received within the Boston University and Sargent College communities. Meredith Drench, the SAR alumna for whom the lecture series is named, was unable to attend but I know she would have enjoyed your talk.”
—Gail Waters PhD, Dean, BU Sargent College of Rehabilitation Sciences

“Jothy Rosenberg is not a celebrity but an Everyman, which gives his wrenching story of astonishing grit its inspirational power. After being told when he was 19 that he had no chance of surviving the cancer that had already cost him one leg and one lung, Jothy made a decision. He would ski until he died. Instead he became one of the first beneficiaries of then-primitive chemotherapy, a champion one-legged, one-lunged skier, swimmer and cyclist, and an early model of how to triumph over cancer and disability. For anyone trying to turn a cancer diagnosis, major disability, or even a major life challenge into a character-building experience, this well-written book is indispensable.”
—Jonathan Alter, author, TV commentator, cancer survivor

Books by Jothy Rosenberg

Product Details

Who Says I Can’t

Two words have the power to change a person’s outlook: “Good, considering…” Jothy Rosenberg has heard this his whole life, starting at age sixteen when bone cancer led to the amputation of his right leg. Three years later, when cancer forced the removal of a lung and essentially served as a death sentence, this epithet continued. But Rosenberg grew tired of only being “good, considering” his disability. In the decades since, he has used athletics to overcome this social stigma, turning his disability into a superability, performing in challenging open water swims, cancer-fundraising bike rides, and treacherous skiing adventures better than two-leggers. And in the business world, when working in a reliable position failed to quench his need for risk taking, he plunged into entrepreneurship.

In Who Says I Can’t, Rosenberg teaches by example how everyone can overcome life’s obstacles. He shows that when the world says you can’t, courage and determination prove you can be more than “good…considering…”
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