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Topics: Entrepreneurial Solutions, Motivational, Personal Development, Women’s Issues, Work/Life Balance

Title: The Leading Expert on Business Success and Lifestyle Design for Women

Areas: S. California

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Founder of Smart Women Smart Solutions shows how to re-ignite passion and purpose, rev up your energy, create effective business and marketing strategies, and design the life you choose to live.

Do you wake up each day thrilled and excited about your life? Or do you face the day tired and drained, wondering what happened to the passion and purpose you once had? In her enlightening talk, Joy Chudacoff, founder of Smart Women Smart Solutions, shows how to re-kindle the passion and energy that gives life meaning and makes it all worthwhile. A highly-skilled speaker, successful entrepreneur, business consultant and certified coach, Joy has helped scores of women design the lives they choose to live. You’ll learn how to define success on your terms, release creativity, create or grow a business and manage your career – all while staying true to your core values. “Helping women achieve better ways of living is my passion, my purpose, and my business,” says Joy, and her lively talk shows how you can master the balancing act that many women face as they juggle their personal and professional lives.

As a wife and mother of two, Joy understands that there’s more to life than one’s career. Like many women drawn to entrepreneurship, she must balance business with home life while making time to nurture and care for herself. You’ll learn her breakthrough strategies for creating balance, igniting your energy, and designing the life you’re meant to live. As you regain your passion and purpose, says Joy, “you can make a difference – in your life, your career, and the world.”


The 5 Secrets Smart Women Entrepreneurs Need to Know to Double Their Business Growth

Did you know that there are 5 simple secrets that can take your business to the next level of success whether you are just starting out or ready to take it to the next level? You have a business dream, a vision of what you want and deserve but sometimes it feels just out of your reach and you would love for someone to share easy, simple, solutions that you can use right away to launch your business to the next level of success

From Surviving to Thriving: 5 BIG Mistakes Women Make in Business and How to Avoid Them

Women are starting businesses at an accelerated rate so it’s essential that you know exactly what you need to do in order to Thrive! You’ll discover the number one barrier that may be sabotaging your success, one simple change you can make right away to become more productive in your business, the one easy change I made that created scores of happy clients and turned them into raving fans and much, much more!

Creating the Spark: Igniting Passion and Energy for the Work and Life You Love

Have you lost your spark for work and life? Do you feel tired and drained every morning when you wake up? Do you wish you still had the energy and passion for work and life that you used to have? In this keynote address, Joy shares three secrets to creating passion and energy for every part of your life. She used this formula to create a business and personal life that she is thrilled to wake up to every day. Now she helps her audiences and clients learn how to create the spark for themselves. Participants will leave this seminar knowing how to be their own “fire starter.”

How to Become Famous in Your Niche Market

Who is your ideal client? Do you have the right marketing plan to reach your target market? Do people rush to buy your products and services? In this keynote presentation Joy shares ideas and solutions that will help you answer “yes” to these questions. Identify the gap between planning and execution, understand how to fill that gap by becoming crystal clear on your niche market, and learn how to leverage that knowledge for greater business success.

Meet Joy Chudacoff…

Joy Chudacoff is the leader for business lifestyle design for women. Founder of Smart Women Smart Solutions, Joy specializes in guiding already successful businesswomen from where they are to where they want to be.

Leading by shining example, Joy provides guidance and support to help women live their greatest desired potential. Joy is heralded as “The Coach for Women” and she has x-ray vision when it comes to helping women discover their big ideas, dreams and goals. Joy draws from her own life and business experience to lead women in achieving success personally and professionally on their own terms.

Prior to launching Smart Women Smart Solutions in 2005, Joy owned and operated a successful marketing firm. She decided to let that go (for a profit) in favor of creating a business that better suited her “family first” lifestyle.

First and foremost, Joy is a wife and mother who knows what it’s like to be a woman who integrates family and passionate work together.

She understands the importance of self-care, family and empowering women to make a difference in the world.

Joy demonstrates what’s possible in life and business and is dedicated to helping women across the world do the same. Her dedication to family is a pillar of her success. In fact, when Joy’s husband needed a kidney transplant, Joy was a match and selflessly donated a kidney to the cause. This selfless love and dedication is evident in all areas of her life. Joy shares more of her story in her book What’s Next?: The 7 Steps to Discover Your Big Idea and Create a Wildly Successful Business.

An entrepreneur for over two decades, Joy is a woman who successfully integrates family and passionate work while teaching other women how to do the same.

What people are saying…

Books by Joy Chudacoff

Product DetailsWhat’s Next? The 7 Steps to Discover Your Big Idea and Create a Wildly Successful Business

Is this all there is?

You ought to be happier.

After all, you’ve achieved your goals and built the life you dreamed of living. The problem is, what you wanted in your twenties and early thirties isn’t what you want now. It’s time to move on to something new. You think about going into business for yourself, but you have no idea where to begin … and the people closest to you don’t want anything to change! 

In What’s Next?, Joy Chudacoff lays out a step-by-step approach to exploring the unfamiliar paths before you. You’ll discover how to:

  • Reconnect with your passions and core values
  • Make sure your own needs are met as you juggle all of your responsibilities
  • Coax great ideas out of their hiding places
  • Market yourself and your business without breaking the bank
    … and much, much more

In this book, Joy shares her personal journey as a woman who had a desire for an entrepreneurial, freedom-based lifestyle and she shows you in her simple, down-to-earth style how she achieved all of her goals. You will explore and discover exactly what you’re most passionate about in YOUR life right now and create a personal plan of action for YOUR life moving forward.

Joy is also including access to a FREE companion workbook with exercises, checklists and diagrams to help you discover what’s next for you and create a plan to make it happen. (Directions to download the workbook are located inside the book!)

A professional coach and mentor, Joy has done more than provide a one-size-fits-all set of instructions.

She has made the process interactive, with hands-on exercises that allow you to tailor each step to your own personal circumstances.

If you have ever dreamed of owning your own business, What’s Next? will give you every tool you need for success.

Joy provides a road map of action steps that will turn your dream into reality.

What’s Next? is a must-read for anyone who aspires to live their big idea but feels stuck. Joy provides a road map of action steps that will turn your dream into reality. Her wisdom, success stories, and personal insights provide a warm blanket of support so that you will never feel alone on your journey. This fabulous book is your personal game changer. Get ready for an adventure!”
– Betsy Myers, former White House senior advisor on women’s issues and author of Take the Lead: Motivate, Inspire, and Bring out the Best in Yourself and Everyone Around You

Order Your Copy of Joy’s new book, What’s Next? from Amazon Today!

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