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Topics: Business Solutions, Communication, Customer Service, Entrepreneurship, Relationships, Success

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Business Success Strategist helps entrepreneurs see their business from the customer’s perspective so they can turn every client into a raving fan.

Are your clients and customers raving fans, or do they complain behind your back about how you treat them? “The new competitive edge is not price or location… it’s SERVICE!” says Keri Newell, who’s passionate about showing you how to make your business wildly successful by providing excellent customer service.

“People don’t always remember what you do or say, but they do remember how you made them feel,” she adds. With a savvy understanding of today’s workplace, her eye-opening talk reveals the secrets you need to turn every customer into a Raving Fan who spreads the word about your excellent service. Her dynamic, interactive talk gives you cutting-edge tactics that put you ahead of your competitors and create loyal customers who come back again and again because they feel valued. You’ll gain simple steps you can put to use right now to stand out from your competition. “These actions can transform your business literally overnight,” says Keri.

Keri Newell knows first-hand what it takes to build a thriving business. The founder of “Can’t Succeed Without it,” she shares insights gained over two decades from running four successful businesses and helping thousands of entrepreneurs nationwide keep customers running to them, not from them! You’ll enjoy her humorous stories of common mistakes entrepreneurs make, and you’ll learn tips and strategies that give you the know-how you need to handle any situation that could come up with a customer. The result? Your clients will spread the word about your business by raving about how well you treat them! You’ll leave Keri’s cutting-edge talk with a new understanding of how outstanding service builds a successful business and the determination to apply these breakthrough strategies to your own business today!

Best-fit Audiences:

  • Small business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • corporations

Keynote Presentation:

Customized for your group and can be presented as a Keynote, Breakout, Workshop, Seminar, or Teleclass. ??

Get Your SHIP Together: Keep Your Clients! 

Are you looking to grow your business, get more exposure, reach more people or get a reputation as a reliable expert in your field? This presentation gives you the low-down and makes it happen! If you want to grow your business, there are crucial components you must practice to get there. How you treat your customers, clients, vendors, and employees is one of those pieces that can set you apart from your competition and make your business thrive! In this powerful talk, you’ll discover how to…

• Create Raving Fans who insist that their family, friends, and colleagues do business with you
• Uncover what “Functional Blindness” is costing you and how you may be sabotaging your success
• Give your customers/clients exactly what they want
• Take steps today that make you stand out from your competition
• Generate more business immediately for little or no money
• Identify the crucial “Trigger Events” your customers/clients experience when doing business with you
• Learn the real reason that some businesses are thriving and others are dying.

Keri Newell is the founder of “Can’t Succeed Without It” and is passionate about helping you discover and overcome what’s getting in your way to success. 

After growing her carpet cleaning company into a profitable business in six years, she sold it for a sizable amount, then went on to create four more successful businesses and share her secrets of success with audiences nationwide. Today, through her speaking, coaching, training and writing, she transforms the way entrepreneurs do business, and she has spoken on many stages, most recently sharing the podium with famed motivational speaker Les Brown. Much of Keri’s free time is spent volunteering with animal rescue organizations, traveling, and enjoying time with friends and family. A native of Los Angeles who never met a stranger, she enjoys discovering new restaurants, dark chocolate and creating new connections every chance she gets.

What people are saying…

“As a businessman, I’m always looking for ways to increase customer retention and boost sales. Keri Newell has a proven system that produces results. Through attending her powerful seminar, I learned the art of the “Re-Frame” and why it is so critical to ALL businesses in today’s economy. Keri teaches the value behind creating customer loyalty, a memorable brand, and the need to separate your business from the rest. I was truly blown away during this seminar and found myself feverishly taking notes so I could capture all the golden nuggets that Keri had to share.”
− Adam Ward, CEO, Phase One International

“Keri helps to get the BEST out of you so you can be the BEST in your business. I can’t tell you how many times I said “Wow, I never thought if it that way before,” and I felt energized from the very first meeting. She possesses the tools and knowledge that you need so that you can really SUCCEED!”  
− Kim Coles, actress, comedienne, and speaker

“Keri Newell has a deep understanding of the importance of customer/client experience. I recently heard her speak to a group of entrepreneurs about the multitude of factors that can create a positive or negative impression when a customer or client does business with a store, restaurant, or professional service provider. These impressions can make a huge difference in terms of repeat business, recommendations, and referrals (or the lack of them). Keri showed us how, despite their best intentions, many business owners and service professionals unintentionally create negative or weak impressions on a daily basis. She demonstrated how making very small changes that affect the customer experience can make a huge difference in a business’ profits and growth. Her talk was eye-opening. Once you hear what Keri Newell has to say, you will never look at your business (or any other business) the same way. Highly recommended!”
− Phil Glosserman, Business & Sales Coach

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