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Kim Mitchell, MFA MEd

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Topics: Leadership, Stress Management, Team Building

Areas: S. California

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Creativity coach reveals how to activate and utilize both sides of your brain.

Can you shift from creative to analytical thinking with ease?

Or do you think analytically when you want to be creative − and vice versa? You can learn to use both sides of your brain at once for maximum effectiveness, and in her dynamic talk, experienced university and secondary educator Kim Mitchell shows how. Drawing on her extensive background in theater, filmmaking, teaching and writing, Mitchell’s creative playshops and presentations unleash the creativity that comes from using both sides of your brain together. The result? You and your group will feel more connected to your workplace, community and each other, free to express yourselves as creative beings able to solve any problem.


Mitchell has given her customized presentations to a wide range of audiences, including universities, secondary schools, cruise lines, spas, businesses, trade and professional associations. 

Signature speeches include: 

Staring Down A Squirrel
Empower your community by learning three specific tools to utilize in order to remain positive, productive, and inspired during this seeming economic downturn.

Team-Building through Acting
Build and strengthen your workplace and community by using acting techniques such as improvisation and performance to facilitate communication and spark creative problem solving.

Acting for Non-Actors 
Release your acting skills through the use of pantomime − a fun, acting technique that will introduce you to the thrill of performance. Step outside the box and learn to share your unique story without the use of sound or props. No prior acting experience is required.

Writing from the Deep Well Within 
Spin your personal anecdotes into gold by utilizing prewriting, drafting, and simple revision techniques. Create community, build teams, and find connections through storytelling.

Play or You’ll Pay 
Manage stress and feed your creativity through theatre games that set the inner child free.

Kim Mitchell is  a TEDX  speaker, author, and university educator.  She received a BA in English from Stanford University and studied Shakespeare and Drama at Oxford University. She has a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in film directing and a Master of Education (M Ed) from UCLA. Mitchell is a contributing author to Inspiration to Realization Volume II (edited by Christine Kloser for Love Your Life Publishing) and wrote the chapter entitled, “Living Your Soul Print.”

What people are saying…

“I didn’t know what to expect. Kim is a dynamic speaker and was great at getting everyone participating and trying new things…getting us outside of our box to the place where true creativity can be tapped. The energy in the room alone was worth the experience.” 
-Nadia R.

“The exercises and Kim’s intuitive coaching sparked my creativity to want to learn and play more. This was my first performance workshop and it was a wonderful experience. Thanks, Kim.”
-Nwenna K.

“Fun! Fun! Fun! My inner child was let loose! I could feel my hidden creative self being fed.”
-Elaine H.

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