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Topics:Crisis, Empowerment, Inspirational, Parenting and Children, Work/Life Balance

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What would you do if you went from great wealth to financial ruin?

In 2007, Kristina Dodge and her family were multi-millionaires; by 2012, they were bankrupt. But rather than falling into despair, Kristina saw opportunity – a chance to reinvent herself, chase her dreams, and live without fear. Her inspiring presentations offer clear strategies that work for anyone who wants to uncover, activate, and chase their wildest ambitions.

The mother of four young children, a featured guest on “Inside Edition” and Europe’s RTL Cable Network, and a presenter before thousands at the California Women’s Conference, Kristina Dodge inspires her audiences to jumpstart their dreams. Her heartfelt, entertaining talks show how to identify your core talents, monetize them, and gather the courage to make a fresh start. She offers a blueprint for anyone ready to press the reset button on life and a wealth of inspiration for those still on the fence about making a major change. As she shares her roller coaster story of devastating loss and how she found strength in the midst of crisis, Kristina Dodge inspires her audience to reinvent themselves, accept challenge and risk, and believe in her message of hope and certainty that good things happen to honest people who work hard.

Your group will leave Kristina’s riveting presentations eager to move past crisis and failure, start fresh, and chart a new course toward lasting happiness.

Don’t Get Mad, Get Even Better: My Roller Coaster Ride with the American Dream

When Kristina Dodge and her family fell from the dizzying heights of the mega-rich to the painful depths of bankruptcy, her first instinct was to get mad. But she quickly realized just how useless anger and resentment are. Instead, she chose to turn a new corner and jumpstart her dreams as a speaker, TV personality, and writer. In this keynote, Kristina shares her story of personal fortitude amidst crisis and offers her audience the keys to acceptance, letting go, moving forward and making an active choice to live in the “now.” This presentation includes Kristina’s detailed steps for how to press life’s reset button, gain the courage to chase your dreams, and persevere in the face of any challenge.

It’s Never Too Late to Shine: How to Jumpstart Your Dreams…TODAY!

When Kristina Dodge accepted the marriage proposal of a dynamic, well-established banker, she gave up her promising job in corporate sales. Over the next 25 years, she was absorbed into her husband’s work-life and her own career ambitions stagnated. But when her husband’s bank was closed, she realized that she had to help provide for her family, and that meant chasing her own passions. In this heartfelt keynote, Kristina offers her unique perspective on chasing your dreams, along with five keys for identifying your core talents, understanding how to monetize them, and inspiration to carry with you on the journey.

Zen and the Art of Starting Over: How I Learned to Let Go of Anger, Reset and Chase My Wildest Dreams 

When things go bad, it’s easy to let wounds fester and become horribly infected, launching a cycle of resentment and bitterness. But as we all know, this doesn’t help anything – in fact, it makes things even worse. In this life-changing talk, Kristina looks at what it means to truly release past failures, forgive yourself, and re-launch as a new you. She shares the keys to living in the moment while building for the future, and provides tools not only for getting back on your feet, but for doing it without carrying anger along the way.

The Ones Worth Fighting For: Fertility, Family and Sticking Together when the Going Gets Tough

In this popular presentation, Kristina shares her struggles with fertility, her choice to have triplets with the help of a surrogate, and her fight to maintain a strong family unit in the midst of massive financial upheaval. She gives her audience the steps that helped her achieve balance between the demanding roles of mother, wife, and businesswoman and shares what she’s learned about how to create a family unit that can weather any storm. You’ll learn how to balance the needs of self with those of family as Kristina’s shows how to be giving and put family first without compromising your autonomous self.

Parenting a Teenager During Tough Times (and times of peace!)

When Kristina Dodge suddenly lost her wealth and the family went into crisis mode, her eldest daughter Laurenz was entering the always tricky teenage years. At first, Laurenz was shocked by her family’s massive loss and furious at her parents, feeling they had failed her. But because of this crisis, Kristina forged an even stronger relationship with her daughter based on mutual trust. When she had to sell keepsakes and expensive purses on eBay to pay bills, it was Laurenz who set up and ran the account. When corners had to be cut, it was Laurenz who was able to handle the adjustment with grace. In the end, Kristina and Laurenz came to a deeper understanding of one another, and their relationship improved because of it. In this presentation, Kristina shares her keys for parenting a teenager, whether through times of crisis or times of peace.

Best-fit Audiences:

– Women’s groups

Kristina Dodge is an author, TV personality, movie producer, parent, wife, and sought-after public speaker. She was the longtime host of “Dialogue with Doti and Dodge” on Southern California’s PBS affiliate, and has spoken in front of thousands at the California Women’s Conference. She was featured recently on “Inside Edition,” and Europe’s RTL Cable Network, and her forthcoming book, Hitting Reset: Fresh Starts, Family, and My Roller Coaster Ride with the American Dream, will be released in 2014. Kristina lives in Laguna Beach, California, with her husband, four children, and three dogs.

What people are saying…

“Kristina is one of those rare speakers a person looks forward to seeing in action. She is articulate, perceptive and highly informed. Her speeches are imbued with sharp insight, clear organization, objective reasoning, and just the right touch of humor. She exudes charm! Indeed, she is so good, I watch and listen to her carefully—not only because of the topic, but to see what I can pick up to improve my own speaking ability.” 
– Jim Doti, President, Chapman University

“Kristina Dodge has a unique ability to connect with audiences, share captivating stories, and provide meaningful, lasting wisdom all at once. All of this is done with humor, grace, and a genuine sense of humility. As a speaker and moderator at the California Women’s Conference, I have been overwhelmingly impressed with her skills and talents in front of a group – but more than that, I’ve been impressed by the heart that each of her presentations is imbued with.”
– Michelle Patterson, Chairwoman, California Women’s Conference

“Anyone who is fortunate to spend time with Kristina Dodge knows they are in the presence of someone very special. She is the epitome of courage and inspiration when facing a life challenge or crisis that seems too much to bear. Her personal, triumphant story will touch your heart deeply and inspire you to new levels of what you thought possible. It is extraordinary that grace, courage, beauty, and so much love can come together in one package. I highly recommend Kristina’s presentation to anyone struggling to overcome life’s great trials, tragedies, or transitions. Once you hear her story, you will truly understand that nothing is more powerful than the human spirit.”  
– Carrie Flintom, Founder, Heroes in Heels

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