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Availability: Sedona, Arizona, Nationwide

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Topics: Domestic Violence, Entrepreneurial Solutions, Entrepreneurship, Financial Freedom, Leadership, Money Mindset, Time Management

Areas: Arizona, Nationwide


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Successful entrepreneur, coach, and founder of Powered With Passion shows how to “master your systems” and have more time, money, and fun as you actualize your dreams with ease and grace.

Are you struggling to “get it all done” – or enjoying plenty of time, money, and fun as you actualize your dreams?

If you’re always “up against the clock,” Laura Gisborne’s enlightening presentations will lift you out of overwhelm, rekindle your passion, deepen your purpose and boost business profits with less effort than you ever thought possible. A risk-taking innovator who launched her first successful business at age 23, followed by eight more start-up successes (including several multi-million dollar enterprises), Laura’s dynamic talks show how to discover, create and design a vital life that inspires both you and others. You’ll learn how to develop five Master Systems that build your business with ease and grace as you watch it soar in the marketplace to become a leader in its field.

The founder of Powered With Passion and author of Stop the Spinning: Move from Surviving to Thriving, Laura will reveal her unique Value System for pro-active prosperity that shifts entrepreneurs into “Fast Focus” as they design systems based on her “Passion in Action” strategies. The audience leaves Laura’s fun, interactive presentations with renewed passion and purpose, and systems they can implement now to end struggle and realize every dream.

Best-fit Audiences:

  • Executive managers
  • Sales reps,
  • Entrepreneurs,
  • Small offices,
  • Women’s groups


Presented as Keynotes, Breakouts, Workshops or Seminars (1/2 and full day), Retreats, Trainings and Webinars. Laura is also available as a panel guest or moderator.

The Power of One Minute

Are you constantly struggling with overwhelm and “how to get it all done”? Do you lose track of how you spend your days as they slip by, leaving you wondering why you’re not achieving your goals? Not only will Laura reveal the most important things needed to stop the overwhelm, but the audience will also discover how to:

  •  “Find” time to be productive and still take care of yourself
  •  Take immediate steps to relieve your money pressures
  •  Remove the struggle around generating business
  •  Discover where your “play” time is hiding
  •  Be fully supported at work and at home

Find out what you can do in just one minute to get out of overwhelm once and for all. If you need to stop spinning your wheels, this talk is for you!

Master Your Systems: Five Strategies to Make More Money, Find More Time and Have More Fun

Are you feeling overwhelmed? It’s time to “stop the spinning” once and for all! In this presentation, Laura shows you the 5 systems you need – no matter what business you’re in – to make more money, find more time, and have more fun. She’ll reveal how to stop the overwhelm now, and you’ll discover how to:

  •  Make more money with less effort
  •  Skyrocket your productivity
  •  Find the right people to lighten your load
  •  ‘Clone’ yourself to expand time.
  • Wake up each day feeling inspired and alive

Stop the Spinning: Seven Strategies for Sustainable Success

What if your definition of success allowed you to be free of loss, lack and struggle? Can you imagine what it would feel like if your passions became the “work” you do in the world? And what would life be like if everything you need to live this way is right in front of you now? In this dynamic presentation, Laura will show you how to:

  • Increase productivity, effectiveness and results
  • Create a truly unique design for a life that reflects what truly matters to you
  • Discover and implement your truest passions in life
  • Integrate family, passion and business so that your bottom line is overflowing

Laura offers a complimentary presentation for women and families dealing with domestic violence.

Laura Gisborne is a highly successful business woman and devoted mother. Over the past 20 years, she has built nine lucrative businesses, ranging from boutique businesses to multi-million dollar corporations. The founder of Powered With Passion, a unique Value System for pro-active prosperity that empowers entrepreneurs with realistic tools to actualize their dreams, she helps her clients create exactly what they want through her seminars and personal mentorship programs.

Laura has served her children and multiple communities as a coach for local sports teams, a Guardian Ad Litem for foster children with CASA International, and a Board Member of Family Outreach, The Sedona Charter School, and Habitat for Humanity. She lives in a private canyon outside Sedona with her husband, two children, two dogs, two cats and an assortment of wildlife, where she grows and maintains her Sycamore Canyon Winery, which supplies her highly successful retail operation, The Art of Wine.

What people are saying…

“In my 15 years in business I have never met anybody who has the ability to look at my business and how I am approaching it, and break it down into simple, easy, digestible, systematic chunks, so I can implement things and make changes that affect my business, as well as my life, like Laura Gisborne can and does. She is truly a master of all things systems!”
– Diane Conklin, Complete Marketing Systems

“Focus, focus, focus…that’s what I lacked and why I’m working with Laura. Her expertise with systems has proven invaluable and my productivity has increased measurably.”
– Garth Roberts, author of 7 Keys to Inspired Leadership

“Laura Gisborne has me working methodically toward my current goals. I can actually see where all the money is coming from, and the wheels on this “process machine” are turning. I feel acknowledged, understood, accomplished and successful when I work with Laura.”
– Barb Stuhlemmer, Success Mentor and Queen of Process

Stop the Spinning: Move from Surviving to Thriving

In this inspirational book, Laura Gisborne proves that whether you have a great life or are struggling with a situation that feels insurmountable, you can turn things around. Laura’s unique “POWER UP” formula helps you gain focus, and her time management strategies infuse your life with meaning and purpose. If you’ve ever wondered, “Is this all there is?” this book proves that not only is there hope, but you can truly transform your life and emerge into a brighter future than you ever imagined.

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