Laurel Mintz, J.D., M.B.A.

Laurel Mintz, J.D., M.B.A.

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Topics: Business Building, Entrepreneurship, Event Creation, Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Sponsorship

Areas: S. California


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Marketing expert brings new passion and flavor to the world by helping companies in the consumer goods, products and service industries develop and execute full-circle marketing plans that elevate their brands.

Are you struggling to take your business to the next level? Marketing expert Laurel Mintz has the proven marketing methods you need to elevate your brand, attract new customers, and increase your visibility.

Her company, Elevate My Brand, has worked with some of the top brands in the world to elevate their food, beverage and retail brands globally. Laurel’s energetic presentation gives you the keys you need to expand your vision and implement new strategies that take your company or product to the next level. You’ll learn how to create dynamic collateral, attract corporate sponsor dollars, stage stunning live events, and harness the powerful, new world of social media to expand your online presence.

“My purpose on this planet is to bring new passions and flavors into people’s lives through food, wine and fashion,” says Laurel, whose enlightening keynote talks open the door to taking your company or product to the next level. “The most important thing about what I do is help business owners understand what marketing is and how it’s crucial to their business success,” Laurel adds, “and I have a genuine love and passion for helping my clients succeed.”

Whether you’re launching a new product, taking your first steps into the branding world, re-branding, looking to globalize, or in need of high-level brand strategy, she’ll show you how to successfully create and execute a marketing plan that takes your product or service to the next level. Whether you’re launching a new product, taking your first steps into the branding world, re-branding, looking to globalize, or in need of high-level brand strategy, you’ll leave this eye-opening presentation with a marketing plan for taking your product or service to the next level.

Best-fit Audiences:

  • Corporations
  • Business Groups
  • Non-Profits
  • Executive Managers
  • Sales Reps
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small Offices
  • Women’s groups

Keynote Presentations:

Offered in the following formats: Keynotes, Breakouts, Workshops or Seminars (½ day, full-day), Trainings and Webinars. Laurel is also available as a Panel Guest or Moderator

Marketing Isn’t a Dirty Word?

Best fit audience: Entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses, consumer product brands

The term marketing is a broad and amorphous term covering everything from PR to Advertising to Branding, and everything in between, and everyone thinks they’re an expert. Learn how to cut through the clutter and develop a core marketing plan that won’t just collect dust on your shelf.

How to Make Other People Pay for Your Marketing?

Best fit audience: Entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses, consumer product brands

The world of corporate sponsorship is a long, challenging road, one that most people don’t understand. Learn how to develop a corporate sponsorship deck, a wish list, and a plan of attack to develop long-term corporate partnerships and mitigate marketing costs for your brand.

How to Walk, Talk and Act Like a Business: You may not be ? and not even know it!?

Best fit audience: Entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses, consumer product brands

Most entrepreneurs/start-ups are just eking by, watching every penny and wondering why they aren’t growing.  Learn how to take the right steps for your business, both legally and through marketing.

If You Book It, They Will Come: How to Create a Successful and Stunning Event?

Best fit audience: Entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses, consumer product brands

Events are always a scary thing… Will anyone show up?  Will we make any money? Learn how to guarantee a successful event, both in turn-out and revenues, and breathe a sigh of relief when you start seeing ticket sales roll in!

Laurel Kaufman is a marketing expert whose career blends her deep personal passion for food, wine and lifestyle with considerable business acumen and legal expertise. Her love of food and wine began during her college years in Santa Barbara, pouring wines and producing events for Geisinger Winery. After graduating, Laurel moved east to attend Rutgers University, where she received both her J.D. and M.B.A. and began to expand her taste buds nationally.

Laurel continued to fill her appetite for the food industry while in Philadelphia, producing special events for the city’s only five-star Mobil and three-star Michelin-rated restaurant, Le Bec Fin, as well as their more casual dining bistro, Brasserie Perrier.

While on the East Coast, Laurel also did marketing for the Public House Restaurant Group, helping to open their first flagship restaurant in Philadelphia.

Upon returning to Los Angeles, Laurel took on the role of Executive Vice President and In-House Counsel for Bassett, a national retail brand, and subsequently began consulting for beauty, fashion, hospitality and entertainment companies, founding Elevate My Brand in 2010.

Laurel has followed her passion by consulting with creatives, focusing on restaurants and retailers, and continues to distill her love and hunger for elevating food, wine and retail brands globally. She sits on the board of directors for Change America, The Fender Music Foundation, Totally Fabulous Females, and Startup Demo, and she’s an advisor to the Los Angeles Chapter of Girls in Tech. Laurel is a mentor with Jewish Big Brother Big Sisters of Los Angeles and has been a member of the California Bar since 2006.

What people are saying…

“EMB helped elevate our brand. Their passion and expertise in the wine industry really sets them apart from other marketing companies.”
EdouardGiessinger, Giessinger Winery

“We loved having EMB help us create a tremendous business plan and marketing model. They have a unique passion and flair for the fashion industry. They have a great eye for future trends in both retail and business and took our vision seamlessly from conception to implementation.”
Noah Soltes, Planet Lulu 

“Laurel helped the company with their special events and was an enormous asset in both organization and implementation. Her five-star service was on par with the level of fine dining and service we provide here at the restaurant.”
Kevin Johnson, Le Bec Fin 

“EMB was instrumental in helping to elevate the TFF brand. She connected us with reputable sponsors and introduced us to key influencers in the entrepreneurial community. Her knowledge and experience with luxury brands truly helped make our annual TFF event the success that it was.  I look forward to continuing to work with her! Thank you, Laurel!!”
Amy Applebaum, Totally Fabulous Females 

“Laurel is a creative self-starter who takes the initiative to get things done? a pleasure to work with!”
Mo Clancy, NomadeExquis

“Laurel was a strong asset to our company. Her company clearly understood our business goals and helped us improve sales and become more efficient while increasing our profits. They brought knowledge and professionalism to our company. Laurel’s legal expertise was an asset during business negotiations and retail sales issues. Their work ethic was outstanding. EMB was a pleasure to work with. I hope I have the opportunity to work with them in the future.”
Pamela Baron Bassett

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