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Topics: Change, Empowerment, Happiness, Healthy Lifestyle, Inspirational, Self Empowerment, Wellness, Work/Life Balance

Areas: California, Nationwide


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Exercise physiologist and health & wellness coach shows how to transform a dull life of drudgery and routine into a “magic carpet” ride filled with everyday miracles.

Is life passing you by while you’re stuck in a rut with no escape? Are you carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? “It’s time to let go and live from your heart,” says Lisa Brisse, an exercise physiologist and health & wellness coach who shows how to transform a life of drudgery and routine into a life filled with magic and miracles. “You can tap into a powerful, creative, transformative energy when you learn how to live from your heart,” says Lisa, and her fun, energetic talk will help you do just that. The founder of State of the Heart Fitness at Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel and the author of The Wellness Journal and Michael Jackson, The Man in Our Mirror: A Reflection of Our Collective Soul about Michael Jackson’s heart-centered impact on the world, Lisa shows how to get out of your head and into your heart as she gently guides you beyond your comfort zone and into a new world of infinite possibilities.

Drawing on 18 years of experience in the field of health and fitness and stories from her own spiritual awakening, Lisa inspires her audiences to become empowered and intoxicated with life so that they can begin living courageously and boldly − from the heart. You’ll learn how our thoughts, emotions and attitudes impact our physical health, and how making the most important shift of your life − from head to heart − will help you make healthy lifestyle changes that promote well-being. You’ll leave Lisa’s life-changing talk with a renewed sense of hope, excitement and purpose, knowing you can truly live your dreams and experience life’s magic and miracles.

Best-fit Audiences

  • Corporations, business groups, non-profits
  • Executive managers, sales reps, entrepreneurs
  • Churches, community organizations
  • Colleges, youth groups
  • Entrepreneurs, small offices
  • Health care groups, hospitals, medical offices
  • Rehab centers, recovery support groups, health spas
  • Caretakers, healers, health workers, cancer survivors
  • Therapists, psychologists, counselors and coaches
  • Women’s groups


Each talk or program is customized for your group and can be presented as a Keynote, Breakout, Workshop, Retreat or Webinar. Lisa Brisse is also available as a Panel Moderator or Member.

Magic & Miracles: Making the Shift from Head to Heart

Are our lives meant to be routine and mundane? Or is living a life of deep fulfillment, happiness and joy – a life of magic and miracles − available to each one of us right now? The answer is an overwhelming YES! If you aren’t experiencing this, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get yourself out of the way and let your greatness step in. Discover how to make the most important shift of your life – the shift from head to heart – and allow your life to come alive. It’s time to get on your own personal “magic carpet” and experience everyday miracles.

If We Know WHAT to Do, Why Don’t We Do It?

Isn’t this the million dollar question − in every area of our lives? What does it take to change our habits? How do our thoughts, emotions and attitudes affect our health on every level? Learn how to let go of the emotional and mental blockages that get in the way of making healthy and lasting lifestyle changes. Explore the science behind the mind-body connection and the physiology of what it takes to change – for the better.

To Move is To Live… Getting Rid of the Junk!

We’ve all heard the saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” yet, nothing could be further from the truth. Do you feel “stuck” in an old pattern of believing and living? Have you been struggling with your weight, or some other issue, and you’ve tried everything but can’t make the change last? You’re not alone, but no worries. Making life changes and transformation is possible for all of us in any moment, no matter what age, and here’s the key: Movement! Find out the powerful secret of movement and how it can transform YOU and your life, from this point forward, now and forever!

Life Balance: Putting YOU at the Heart & Health of Your Life

What does it mean to live our lives with balance? How does it look? How does it feel? Is it achievable? YES! Discover the joy of “living a life of balance” and experience the “effortlessness” and inspiration that balance can provide in your daily life. Includes a 15-minute breathing and progressive relaxation session.

Meet Lisa Brisse…

Lisa Brisse is an exercise physiologist, instructor, writer, speaker and Heart Coach who has worked in the field of health, fitness, and wellness for nearly 20 years. After getting her degree in Sports Medicine at Pepperdine University in Malibu in 1993, she worked as a physiologist at Centinela Hospital in Los Angeles, as well as an adjunct faculty member at Pepperdine University teaching a required class for incoming freshman called Health & Lifestyles. In addition, Lisa worked 7 years as a physiologist at the world-renowned Pritikin Longevity Center where she educated and coached many clients with various health issues ranging from heart disease, diabetes and obesity to adapting a healthier lifestyle.

In 2001, Lisa founded her own health & fitness company called State of the Heart Fitness, located at Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel, with the mission of educating, inspiring and empowering people to live their best life – one of optimal health, happiness and fulfillment − not just today, but every day, for the rest of their lives.

Her client list includes: Cal State (Fullerton), Wisconsin Realtor’s Association, New Directions Inc., Village School, and many others. Lisa is the author of The Wellness Journal and Michael Jackson, The Man in Our Mirror: A Reflection of Our Collective Soul about Michael Jackson’s heart-centered impact on the world.

What people are saying…


Michael Jackson: The Man in Our Mirror: A Reflection of Our Collective Soul

Product DetailsIt was 1982 and Lisa Brisse, a 13-year-old, small-town, Midwestern girl, was a fan of Michael Jackson like millions of other people. Then, in 1987, a series of synchronistic events began to occur, revealing a deep connection between these two improbable souls. It was a journey that not only opened her to the magical world of spirit, but eventually led to the unfathomable reality of Lisa’s mother working for the King of Pop at his Neverland Ranch. In Michael Jackson, the Man in Our Mirror: A Reflection of Our Collective Soul, Lisa shares powerful insights into Michael’s painful human struggle between ego and spirit, and how his own fall from grace was part of his mission on Earth to mirror this conflict within us all. For those who have been touched by Michael’s life and saddened by his death, this book will bring peace, hope, and inspiration, as we understand his deeper purpose and ultimate message: We heal the world when we heal our hearts through love


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