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Contact: (732) 787-2240 or (908) 872-3439 cell
E-Mail: lsciambi@thesmallbusinessforce.com
Website: thesmallbusinessforce.com
Blog: The Entrepreneur’s Yoda
Availability: Port Monmouth, New Jersey, New York, East Coast, Nationwide

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Topics: Business Planning, Business Solutions, Entrepreneurial Solutions, Entrepreneurship

Areas: New Jersey, Nationwide


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“The Entrepreneur’s Yoda”—business coach, skilled negotiator and serial entrepreneur—offers straightforward advice and real-world solutions that entrepreneurs and small business owners can use immediately!

As an entrepreneur, you need every edge you can get! “Starting and growing a business, especially in current economic times, is a difficult and challenging endeavor,” says Lonnie Sciambi, known as “The Entrepreneur’s Yoda” for his wise, “to the point” advice to small business owners

Based on his newly-published book, Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success and over 30 years’ experience, Lonnie’s high-energy talks provide entrepreneurs with easy-to-implement solutions to issues they face everyday and strategies to help them gain the returns they seek. His presentations cut to the chase without buzz words and consultant-speak, and he’ll regale you with real-life “war stories” delivered with a dry wit that anyone in business can relate to.

His breadth of background provides the basis for tons of anecdotal examples. A skilled negotiator and closer with many major sales successes, more than three dozen merger/acquisition transactions completed, and more than $350 million in capital raised as an executive manager and investment banker, Lonnie has successfully completed multiple small business turnarounds. The audience always leaves Lonnie’s fun, interactive presentations with a smile, along with many strategies they can put to use right now, ranging from getting successful start-ups “out of the chute,” managing cash flow, and partnering to successful exits – and much, much more!

Best-fit Audiences

– Entrepreneurs, small offices
– Executive managers, sales reps

Signature Presentations

Presented as Keynotes, Breakouts, Workshops or Seminars, Retreats, Trainings and Webinars. Can accordion from one hour to a full day. Lonnie is also available as a panel guest or moderator.

(How not to become a small business statistic)

Launching a new business is one of the single biggest challenges an individual can face.  More than 50% of all new businesses fail before their fifth full year. There are many pitfalls that can make even the most well-thought out start-up business model fall short of real expectations.

Start-up entrepreneurs can gain insight and advice that can help them achieve early success and keep them from becoming another statistic. It’s based on Lonnie’s experience with hundreds of start-ups and early stage businesses.  The “10 Keys” will help would-be entrepreneurs (and even current small business owners) focus on what’s really important to get their business off the ground, avoid the various “minefields” that are out there and on the path to achieving their goals. It’s step-by-step advice based on lots of successes and some memorable failures, that can dramatically increase the odds for start-up success.


How to develop a company environment that reflects the values and vision of the founder(s)
Best fit Audiences: Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners

When an entrepreneur starts a business, often the last thing they think about is the culture they are going to create within it, yet it is probably the most powerful force that drives the company forward…or not. A company’s culture is its very soul! Learn about the crucial component of small business culture and the significant role it plays in the ultimate success of any venture. You’ll hear real-life examples, drawn from Lonnie’s 30 years’ experience, of how to create a culture where your employees are onboard with your mission and share a passion for the company’s success.

Partnering is one of the most overlooked vehicles for growth and leveraging resources in an entrepreneurial company’s early years
Best fit Audiences: Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners

Partnering is one of the most important vehicles available to an entrepreneur, especially in the early stages of the business, where you can leverage scarce resources to generate revenue, conserve expenses, or both. It can provide valued visibility in the marketplace, both with strategic partners as well as with potential future customers – yet few entrepreneurs capitalize on the many opportunities that exist for them to partner. This session will explore where partnering can most help your business, how to find partners, and how to negotiate relationships that leverage resources and provide a “win-win” basis for both sides.

The “gospel of cash flow” – its generation, conservation and management – is essential to business success
Best-fit Audiences: Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners

Cash flow, its generation, conservation and management, is the single most important discipline an entrepreneur must learn to be truly successful. This session provides entrepreneurs and small business owners with incredibly useful tips about every element of cash flow, from cash generation through cash conservation and management. Not only will you understand cash flow theory, but you’ll be able to immediately implement these lessons in your own business.

How to Prepare For and Sell Your Business
Best fit Audiences: Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners

Selling a business can be the single most important decision of an entrepreneur’s life. It’s an emotionally-charged, often deeply personal matter for the small business owner. The entrepreneur’s business is typically the single largest element of his or her asset base and estate, often with both real capital tied up and huge amounts of sweat equity invested. The company has probably been the center of the entrepreneur’s life, with relationships, partners, employees and customers who are almost like family. But with all this at stake, few small business owners ever plan their exit. This session helps entrepreneurs understand the sales process and the benefits of having a well-prepared exit strategy, including pitfalls to avoid and key issues to consider. It answers questions like: when is the right time to sell; the difference between valuation and proceeds; how to find the right buyer; ensuring your employees are “taken care of”; managing expectations and living with the result… and much more.

Meet Lonnie Sciambi…

Small business advisor, mentor and author Lonnie Sciambi is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and small business owners to succeed, and he’s got a track record of success and hard-won experience across a mix of markets, products and services. This includes more than 30 years of driving growth and profits, primarily as an entrepreneur and CEO for small businesses, both public and private, from early stage to turnaround situations. A serial entrepreneur who’s sold two of his own small businesses, Lonnie has advised, mentored and/or invested in dozens of small enterprises.

The author of the newly-published Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success, Lonnie has spoken before groups as large as several thousand and as small as a half dozen, ranging from small company CEOs, accountants and consultants to bankers and entrepreneurs. Lonnie has given multi-day seminars, spoken internationally, and is comfortable with any type or size business audience. His avocation is baseball, where for 30 years he has coached every level, from tee-ball to American Legion, and his management and speaking style reflect his coaching background.

Books by Lonnie Sciambi

Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success

This book gives entrepreneurs an edge. Wherever a small business is in its business cycle – startup, growth or near exit – it provides “to-the-point” advice and easy-to-implement solutions for issues entrepreneurs face everyday. Lonnie Sciambi, known as “The Entrepreneur’s Yoda” and a veteran of more than 30 years in the entrepreneurial trenches, delivers his “secrets” with a blend of experience, candor and humor that makes them impactful and not easily forgotten. Each chapter features stories from real-life situations that “The Entrepreneur’s Yoda” faced in his multi-faceted career. If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner, you’ll gain valuable strategies you can apply to your business today.

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