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Topics: Corporate Wellness, Health, Mindfullness Practices, Motivational, Self Empowerment, Stress Management, Women’s Empowerment

Areas: S. California


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Leading expert in stress management and Reiki therapy offers fast, easy stress reduction techniques that boost energy, calm and balance the body, and increase control of health and well-being

Does your company need an energy upgrade? Stress management expert and Reiki therapist Lucia Galante Johnson specializes in stress reduction in the workplace ? and she’ll give you techniques that work in 20 minutes or less!

A sought-after speaker who lectures at local medical facilities such as Torrance Memorial Medical Center, Beach Cities Health District, Long Beach Memorial Medical Center, and the YMCA, her powerful presentations will have your staff, managers and business partners basking in a “Zen” balance that leads to high morale and increased productivity. “When your staff is relaxed, everyone is motivated to support the health and well-being of the company,” says Lucia, adding that most people don’t realize that the Japanese word “Reiki” is synonymous with stress reduction.

Are you having a conflict with a fellow employee? Did the boss just yell at you? Did you see an accident on the way to work or get a phone call with shocking news? Lucia will give you stress management secrets from the Orient that get you back in balance in no time at all. You’ll learn quick, easy techniques based on movement, mindfulness and meditation that you can put to use now, including a way to turn a cold around in 24 hours or less! And you’ll take home written materials that support your new healing abilities so you can try these breakthrough techniques at home.

“Your body has an amazing capacity to heal itself,” Lucia explains. “When the body is off- balance due to illness or fatigue, it’s providing valuable information so you can take action and move it toward wellness.” Your audience will leave Lucia Johnson’s enlightening talks with powerful self-care techniques that reduce stress, boost energy, and calm and balance the body. And they’ll gain a heightened awareness of how they feel, so when something is “off,” they can take immediate, mindful action toward wellness.

Best-fit Audiences:

  • Corporations, business and civic groups
  • Health care groups, hospitals, medical offices
  • Health spas, fitness centers
  • Rehabilitation centers, recovery support groups
  • Caretakers, health workers, cancer survivors
  • Therapists, psychologists, counselors and coaches
  • Women’s groups


Offered as Keynotes, Workshops or Seminars (½ day, full-day) and Teleseminars customized for your group.

Stressed is Desserts Spelled Backwards

Come learn stress management techniques that turn difficult situations into tasty opportunities for growth and well-being. Experience why taking care of yourself is sooooo delicious!

EEK! The Emergency Energy Kit: How to Reduce Stress in 20 Minutes or Less

This is a “hands-on” training workshop using methods from the East to keep you balanced, or “Zen,” in the West. Each technique is based on simple wellness practices from the Orient that incorporate movement, mindfulness and meditation and can be easily woven into your daily health routine. With these techniques, you really can reduce stress in 20 minutes or less!?

The Art of Reiki: How Stress Management Therapy Can Bring Balance to Your Life

Explore the benefits of therapeutic bodywork through the Japanese stress relief technique known as Reiki, a popular Eastern modality that works well with Western medicine. Experience first-hand how blending Eastern and Western techniques is the key to increased energy and optimal health.

Lucia Galante Johnson is a popular speaker on wellness and the art of stress management. Known as a powerful motivator, she gives keynote presentations, trainings, classes and workshops. ?She lectures and facilitates workshops at Torrance Memorial Medical Center, Beach Cities Health District, the YMCA, Long Beach Memorial Medical Center, the Cancer Support Community Center, various retreat houses, community centers, business groups and schools. ?She is a member of the Speakers Bureau Network, Torrance Memorial Speakers Bureau, Toastmasters International, and is professionally trained in classical theatre.

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