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Topics: Team-Building, Leadership, Business, Change, Communication

Areas: Georgia; National, International

Titles: Leadership Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Motivational Speaker

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Leadership coach unlocks insights about healthy teams and provides a pathway to a powerfully collaborative culture.

Is your mission too big to tackle alone? Is it so monumental that it requires a dynamic team to link arms and combine their wisdom, passion and creativity? Of course you want that kind of support, but often distraction, distrust, mismatches and fear derail team leaders and members alike. When that happens, they can become bottlenecks to your organization’s success due to their inability to communicate, collaborate and trust—even when they’ve mastered the technical aspects of the work.

Matt Dierdorff’s humorous, insightful talks get everyone back on track so your team can function as the creative support system they’re meant to be. His 17-year success record working within and alongside staff teams to unlock their collaborative potential gives him tremendous insight into the key factors that must be present for progress to occur. If your team leaders are frustrated by apathy, strife, sabotage or other toxic elements in their staff dynamic and want more powerful collaboration, Matt Dierdorff will revitalize both leaders and staff and renew their faith in their shared mission.

Your team leaders and teams will learn how to:

  • Set clear, powerful goals and accomplish them with focused intentionality
  • Prioritize your actions in ways that matter for your organization, your family and yourself
  • Renew your shared vision of your mission and become convinced that it deserves your best effort
  • Express key values (customer service, creativity, trust) within the team environment
  • Explore innovative approaches to solving challenges such as sluggish processes or low employee engagement
  • Leverage opportunities for new revenue streams and strategic partnerships  
  • Focus on the four ingredients essential to a healthy organization
  • Translate theory into action with intentional team practices and intensive team leader coaching

Matt uses multi-media, humor and storytelling to generate epiphanies, and then gives his audience a roadmap of steps to follow where those epiphanies lead. Drawing on his extensive background in both keynote and workshop formats, he ‘tilts the frame’ to allow new insights, possibilities and lasting change. “I don’t give a data dump talk,” he says, “because they have a short lifespan.” Instead, he helps your staff see the gap between “here” and “there” and explore strategies for bridging that gap. “Knowing my work creates wide ripples within fantastic companies makes me excited for each new session,” he adds. “My goal for each presentation is to give your teams and leaders strategies that last well beyond the session’s final applause.”

Everyone leaves Matt’s energetic, interactive talks clear on the factors that truly contribute to team health and impact, and armed with a list of action items to infuse their staff with these crucial elements.

Best-fit Audiences

  • Corporations, business groups, non-profits
  • Executive managers, sales reps, team leaders, HR professionals
  • Business and civic groups
  • Entrepreneurs, small offices
  • Travel companies
  • Hospitality organizations
  • Restaurants/Restaurant Associations
  • Health care groups, hospitals, medical offices
  • Nursing programs, medical centers
  • Health spas, fitness centers
  • Realtors, real estate associations, property owners


Offered as keynotes, breakouts, seminars or workshops, retreats, trainings and Webinars, and customized for your group. Matt Dierdorff is also available as a panel guest or moderator.

Ecosystem: Why Team-Building Must Become Team-Growing

The truth is that we grow teams more than we build them. The organizations we lead are more organic than mechanical, more dynamic than static. And they need certain resources in order to be healthy. Leaders are ecosystem managers and must attend to:

  • Strategies to support vulnerability and risk as a staff team
  • Approaches which make the shared mission clear and each role crucial
  • Steps to transition from micro-managing each part to macro-managing the whole

This presentation is available as a short talk or a longer, interactive workshop and it equips team leaders to better cultivate their staff by paying attention to the environment they are creating.

Ripple: Expressing Our Core Corporate Values in Lasting Ways

It is hour 7 or day 32 of our organization’s quest to create the perfect mission statement, but three months later, NO ONE can quote the sentences that consumed such a colossal investment of time, energy and creativity. Even the authors can’t remember their words!

What if we could move past a mission statement and instead define our core values and find meaningful ways to express them in our workplace? What if no one needed to see our letterhead or the “About Us” page on our website to understand that customer service or creativity is important to us? What shared practices could we integrate that would clearly express our commitment to what we SAY is important to us? Matt works alongside teams and team leaders to excavate the corporate culture and create a path for our shared values to ripple forth into every facet of our organization.

Perfect for managers and teams who desire to:

  • Define what makes them compellingly unique in their market
  • Distill the spirit of their mission statement into practical, repeatable staff actions
  • Create a method for measuring and rewarding the “leading indicators” which result in mission success

This program can be provided as a short presentation or a longer interactive workshop experience.

Orchestrate: What It Means to Hold the Conductor’s Baton

What if we saw our role as leaders like being the conductor of an orchestra? Would it help to envision ourselves holding the conductor’s baton in front of the woodwind, percussion and brass sections? How do conductors make symphonic music with a wooden stick? How might we leverage our leadership to create a magnum opus in our organization?

Unlock the power of “orchestral imagery” to:

  • Make sure everyone is playing a team role that best fits their unique contribution to your organization
  • Become intentional about clearly defining the shared mission of your staff
  • Grow your team into a force that proves the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Unlock the dynamics within orchestration which apply to the board room and break room as much as the concert hall. Collaboration is possible, but only with the right leadership from the conductor.

Meet Matt Dierdorff…

Matt Dierdorff is a leadership development coach who has invested the last 17 years in the development and growth of organizations and individuals, both in Florida and, more recently, in the Metro Atlanta area. He works primarily with clients who desire to extend their leadership reach and put their personal resources to their best use. Matt is passionate about artful questions, the power of silence, intentionally formative practices, and the energy we receive by knowing ourselves more intimately and he’s committed to working alongside corporate teams to unlock their collaborative potential. Matt lives and leads in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and two sons.

What people are saying…

“Matt is an exceptional facilitator, coach, and mentor. He approaches all interactions with professionalism, integrity, and sincerity. He carries himself with confidence and optimism, and he demonstrates unwavering compassion and humility. He is equally effective in planning and delivering workshops and programs. His calm, open demeanor and his sense of humor are a breath of fresh air.He’s a natural facilitator, speaker, and mediator who thinks well on his feet and always seems to know what to say even in the most challenging or intense situations.”
— Lindsey Mangone, Executive Director, Audacious Institute

“Matt Dierdorff of Catalyst Coaching led a very successful team-building event for us at our most recent Staff Development Day. His session on fear, trust, and positive intent led to some powerful discussions, and we’ve already made changes to the way we operate based on his exercise. Best of all, Matt kindly respected our group’s request for an event without trust falls – which was greatly appreciated by all. Great speaker and wonderful coach!”
— Julia Huprich, Director of Training & Continuing Education, Georgia Public Library Services


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