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D.C. sniper’s ex-wife reveals how to spot warning signs that foreshadow violent behavior, take crucial steps to avoid injury or death, and move on to a life of peace and personal fulfillment.

Have you ever feared for your life at the hands of someone you love and trust? Can you recognize the subtle symptoms of domestic abuse, even before an act of violence takes place? In her riveting presentation, national spokesperson Mildred Muhammad shares her compelling insights into the unstable mindset of ex-husband John Muhammad, the notorious DC sniper—a spousal-abuser turned killer as she tells how the benign man she married threatened her life following his tour of duty in the Gulf War. Setting off on a three-week rampage in 2002 with 17-year old accomplice Lee Boyd Malvo, Muhammad terrorized the East Coast, killing ten innocent people and injuring three others with the intention of finding Mildred and killing her too. But Mildred transformed herself from victim to survivor, and today she’s a warrior against domestic violence and abuse, an award-winning Keynote Speaker, International Expert Speaker for the U.S. Department of State, Certified Consultant with Office on Victims of Crime, CNN Contributor, Author, Trainer and Educator.

In her riveting talk, Mildred Muhammad offers help and hope to victims and survivors of domestic violence and abuse as she shares how to survive without physical scars. The author of four books, including the recent I’m Still Standing, she speaks at conferences, seminars and workshops to victims and survivors of domestic violence as well as law enforcement professionals, therapists, counselors, advocates, mental and medical health providers, university and college students, and soldiers returning from war with PTSD.

After counseling herself and her children to survive victim-blaming through the midst of adversity, Mildred transformed her tragic circumstances into an opportunity and has made it her mission to be a vessel of support and healing to all those affected by domestic abuse and violence. Your audience will learn how to spot the warning signs that foreshadow violent behavior and the crucial steps necessary to avoid injury or death and move on to a life of peace and personal fulfillment.

Mildred Muhammad’s dramatic personal story has been featured on Oprah: Where Are They Now, Anderson Cooper, Ricki Lake, Katie CouricLarry King Live, The Tyra Banks Show, Good Morning America, BET, and many others local and national shows. She has also been featured in many international newspapers, and internet blogs and magazines worldwide, including the BBC, NPR, EssenceJetThe Washington Post, and Newsweek.

Mildred is the author of Scared Silent: When the One You Love Becomes the One You Fear, A Survivor’s Journal, Dare to Heal, Planning My Escape, and her latest book, I’m Still Standing. Her dramatic story has been featured on Lifetime’s Movie Network Series, “Monster in My Family”; CNN documentary, “The Minds of the Sniper”; TruTV documentary, “The DC Sniper’s Wife” (produced by award-winning producer Barbara Kopple); Discovery Channel, “Who The Bleep Did I Marry”; Investigation Channel Series, “Escaped: The Sniper’s Wife, Episode 2”; MSNBC documentary, ‘I Married The Beltway Sniper”; and the syndicated TV show, “Crime Watch Daily.”

Best-fit Audiences

Non-profits, social workers, victim service providers
Churches, community organizations
Colleges, youth groups
Business and civic groups
Healthcare groups
Rehab centers, recovery support groups
Therapists, psychologists, counselors, coaches
Women’s groups


Offered as keynotes, breakouts, workshops or seminars (½ day, full-day), retreats, and trainings, Mildred Muhammad is also available as a panel guest or moderator.

Scared Silent: When the One You Love Becomes the One You Fear
Mildred presents the harrowing story of her emotionally abusive marriage to DC Sniper and serial killer John Allen Muhammad. She also discusses the role that domestic violence plays within the military community overwhelmed by the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder. After hearing her inspiring and candid account, you’ll have a better understanding of the complexities of domestic abuse and violence and you’ll know how to recognize the signs and take life-saving steps to defeat it.

Strengthening, Healing and Empowering Ourselves after Trauma
Those who are made to suffer trauma at the hands of someone they know were doubtlessly exposed early on to its warning signals, but failed to recognize them. In the aftermath of her own trauma, Mildred dedicated herself to studying these signals, and, in this presentation, identifies them in detail. Your audience will learn how to identify the warning signs that could save their lives, and how to heal the emotional scars from abuse. Mildred gives them the keys to moving away from trauma and on with their lives.

Children and Trauma
Children are the silent victims of trauma, unless they have a support group (family, friends, counselors) during this critical period. Their triggers are different from adults and are often ignored unless the child is able to articulate the pain. Learn how to recognize the signs of trauma in children and help them express what they’re feeling. Once this is done, the child is on his/her way to recovery.

Healing the Spirit through Journaling
By committing your thoughts to the written word, you gain insights into the sequence of events and aberrant behavior that led to your abuse, as well as the way you reacted. By understanding the components of the process, you are better able to grasp how it happened, and how you might otherwise have avoided the cruelty. Ultimately, you are able to release the pain buried inside you and move into an accelerated mode of healing.

Meet Mildred Muhammad…

As spokesperson and keynote speaker at conferences worldwide, Mildred’s life mission is “to shed light on the signs of domestic abuse and stop the cycle of mental and physical violence” now so entrenched in our society.

Mildred has been interviewed by Katie Couric, Ricki Lake and Anderson Cooper, and featured on HLN Issues with Jane Valez-Mitchell, The Tyra Banks Show, Larry King Live, Good Morning America with Charlie Gibson, The Huckabee Show and many others. She has also appeared on syndicated radio shows and been interviewed by CNN, MSNBC, Court TV, Investigation Discovery, and BET, as well as The Washington Post, Newsweek, and Redbook. Her first book, Scared Silent, was released in October 2009 by Simon and Schuster, followed by A Survivor’s Journal, designed to help rid domestic violence victims of resistant anxieties that confound even their support groups. Her latest release is I’m Still Standing (2017). Currently, Mildred is a consultant with the Office for Victims of Crime.

What people are saying…

“Ms. Muhammad’s presentation was not only remarkable, but most unforgettable. The room was spellbound as she detailed her harrowing personal experience with domestic violence. The room acknowledged her humor and funny anecdotes with laughter, but still mourned her nightmare as her story pierced through every heart and every soul present, causing sharp intakes of breath and at times deep sighs and silent sobs.”
– K.E. Victoria Grey-Allen, Executive Director, Sarah’s Refuge, Warsaw, NC

“Ms. Muhammad’s presentation was quite spectacular. It was engaging, honest, and very enlightening, as she shared her personal experiences with domestic violence with humor and displayed compassion at the same time. Our participants did not grow tired of listening to her resilient experience that involved her family.”
– La-Lisa Hewett-Robinson, Director, Mental Health Continuing Education, Area Health Education Center, Fayetteville, NC

“Hearing this message from the voice of a survivor of domestic abuse was essential to the learning process. You have truly turned your tragic circumstances into an opportunity to help other victims of emotional and verbal abuse, a topic often overlooked.”
– Fern O. Sumpter, Colonel, US Army, Ft. Myer, VA

Books by Mildred Muhammad

See all Mildred’s books on Amazon, including her latest release, I’m Still Standing.

Product DetailsIn her second memoir, I’m Still Standing, Mildred Muhammad picks up where she left off in her first memoir and tells about the compelling events that occurred during and after the conviction and execution of her former husband, John Allen Muhammad. We learn what was going through the minds of their three young children as they faced the reality that their father was going to be executed for his crimes in the October 2002 sniper killings that took place in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area… more

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