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Topics: Communication, Personal Development, Relationships, Self Empowerment, Women’s Issues

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Award-winning speaker and author shows how to turn dealing with difficult people and handling sensitive situations into self-empowered victories.

Do you handle difficult people and situations with confidence, clarity and compassion? Do you know how to turn a difficult situation into a personal triumph?

Imagine knowing exactly what to say and how to say it when dealing with a difficult person; imagine having boundless courage and confidence to confront challenging circumstances in a proactive way; imagine leaving every interaction feeling self-empowered and self-assured ? regardless of the outcome. Whether you’re dealing with a sticky situation or a difficult person at work or home, acclaimed speaker Nan Vaughn has a proven system that shows you how to identify and overcome self-limiting beliefs and behaviors. Her dynamic talk gives you everything you need to handle any difficult person or situation while experiencing mental clarity, emotional healing, and spiritual awareness.

“My mission is to help people deal with difficult situations more effectively, so I teach my audiences how to feel self-empowered under any circumstance and handle complicated communications with greater confidence and composure,” says Nan, whose life-changing seminars have been featured on NBC’s Today Show. Known for her dynamic, down-to-earth speaking style, Nan’s lively, interactive presentations always focus on participants and are customized to meet your group’s needs. You’ll leave her inspiring talks confident that you can to turn any difficult situation into a personal victory, and leave with a specific action plan that empowers you to live the extraordinary life you deserve, one day at a time.


Presentations are offered as Keynotes, Break-Out Sessions, Workshops, Panelist & Teleseminars

Mastering the 3 C’s of Communication—Confidence, Clarity, & Composure
Do you feel self-defeated when you’re dealing with difficult people? Do you find it hard to communicate your message confidently and clearly in sticky situations? Do you avoid conflict and confrontation like the plague? If so, this talk is for you. In this powerful program, you’ll learn proactive principles and practices to help you gain the courage to communicate when you’re dealing with problem people and people problems. Come join other uncomfortable communicators and learn how to go from being self-defeated to self-empowered and communicate your message with confidence, clarity, and composure in any situation.

Take it from Nan: The youngest of eight children, Nan grew up in family whose motto was it’s better to be seen and not heard. Struggling to find her voice as an adult, she knew she needed communication coaching. After consistently implementing her “Mastering the 3 C’s of Communication” formula, Nan went on to not only be a powerful communicator in her personal life, but she also became a successful speaker specializing in interpersonal communication skills at age 33!

Turn Your Public Speaking Terror into Public Speaking Triumph

Do you start to perspire or feel sick to your stomach at the thought of public speaking? If so, you’re not alone. Fear of public speaking is a huge epidemic among business professionals. In this supportive, uplifting program, you’ll learn powerful principles and practices to turn your public speaking terror into public speaking triumph. Come join other petrified presenters and together learn how to meet your mark with your message and let your personal presence shine.

Take it from Nan: Nan started out as a petrified presenter, and after successfully implementing a powerful “Public Speaking Protocol” formula, she went on to conduct over 1,200 live seminars around the globe, and consistently ranked as a top trainer in customer satisfaction and sales for one of the largest seminar companies in the world ten years in a row!

Frazzled to Fabulous: How to go from Living your Life to LOVING it in just 5 Minutes a Day
Do you have a deep desire to fully enjoy your life but feel like you can’t due to your crazy, chaotic lifestyle? Do you feel like you’re just “going through the motions”and are on “auto pilot” as you go through each day? Whether you are a stay-at-home parent, a business professional, or in the midst of a life transition, it’s easy to get caught up in the rat race of life and feel like you barely have time to breathe, let alone enjoy the fruits of your labor. In this innovative program, you’ll learn principles and practices to help you reclaim your sanity and live each day with greater appreciation, awareness, and strength. Come join other “frustrated frenetics” and learn how to go from living your life to loving it.

Take it from Nan: As a traveling speaker, conducting five seminars in five different cities within five days, Nan had to find a way to manage her crazy lifestyle. By consistently implementing her “Loving your Life” formula, Nan was able to ditch her frazzled, frenetic ways and adopt a soul-centered way of traveling and appreciating every aspect of her personal and professional life.

Invisible to Irresistible: Become a “Man-Magnet” in 5 Minutes or Less
Ladies, are you looking for the love of your life but feel more confused than ever about the do’s and don’ts of dating? Do you find yourself in romantic relationships fueled by power struggles and mixed messages? Whether you’re single or in an unfulfilling relationship, finding long-lasting love can be a huge challenge for a woman at any age. In this eye-opening program, you’ll learn powerful principles and practices that turn you into a “man magnet” so you’ll be one step closer to landing your relationship of a lifetime. Come join other defeated daters and learn how to ramp up your romance and relationships and fully embrace your feminine essence.

Take it from Nan: She made all the “men mistakes” there were to make and was a defeated dater, but when she consistently executed her “Landing Long-Lasting Love Potion” formula, she met her husband and was a first-time wife at 43!

As an award-winning speaker for one of the largest seminar companies in the world, Nan Vaughn held a 99% customer satisfaction rating for ten years in a row. She has traveled the globe conducting over 1,200 live seminars teaching how to become an effective communicator under stress, resolve conflict, improve self-esteem, and achieve peak performance with integrity and assertiveness. Nan’s “Dealing with Difficult People” seminar was featured on NBC’s Today Show.

Companies attending her presentations include: Maybelline Cosmetics, State Farm Insurance, Heinz Foods, IBM Global Services, Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc., Los Angeles County Unified School District, Montana Department of Corrections, Lucent Technologies, and many more.

Nan holds an M.A. degree in Applied Psychology and a B.S. in Journalism, and her upcoming book, Juicy Wisdom: Tell-All Tales & Techniques to Help Ordinary Women Live Extraordinary Lives, captures the essence of personal transformation by teaching how to turn difficult situations into personal triumphs.

What people are saying…

Nan is truly outstanding and we’re lucky to have such a dynamic speaker.  In my 33 years plus in state government, she’s the best I’ve ever seen—most have me to sleep before noon!
– Sandy Jackson, Senior EEO Investigator, State of CA Dept. of Corrections

This is the fifth seminar I’ve attended in the last six weeks and this was by far the best.  I came away with specific tools to help me deal with my issues.  This is the only training where everyone stayed for the whole seminar!
– Amy Romero, Supervisor, U.S. Postal Service

I am also a trainer and love to hear compliments from my students.  If you could have had a spy in the restroom, you would have heard what a great speaker you are!

– Kelly Hughes, CSS, Lucent Technologies

I thought Nan was excellent!  I know it’s more constructive to not rate everything as “excellent,” but I can’t help it—I paid my own way today and used a vacation day for this seminar and I’m so pleased that I did!
– Sharon Berger, Sr. Claims Asst., State Farm Insurance

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