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Financial expert and Wall Street rock star who achieved stunning success by age 19 reveals seven secrets that will transform you into an attractor of wealth and success.

Do you want to jumpstart your financial life? “By focusing on the NOW instead of the “not enoughs” in your life, you can open the gates to abundance,” says financial expert Noble Drakoln, who left home at age 17 with “only my dreadlocks and a backpack.”

Two years later, he was one of Wall Street’s youngest commodities brokers in the trillion-dollar-a-day world of futures and forex, and today, he’s a world-renowned speaker and coach who will show your audience how to transform themselves into attractors of wealth and success.

Noble’s secret? “I have focused on nothing but staying in the NOW!” he explains. A featured guest on many financial channels, including Fox Business News and MarketWatch, and the author of seven books on trading, his inspiring presentations shift audiences from their focus on “not enough money, not enough time” to what they can do right now to jumpstart their financial lives. “It’s easy to distract yourself by focusing on problems,” says Noble, “but it’s important to look for the opportunities around you and seize them. Nature abhors a vacuum, and when you remove the ‘not enoughs’ from your life, the NOW rushes in to fill the void with abundance.”

?Today’s challenging economic environment has left a huge middle-class struggling with under-employment, competition from workers worldwide, and the unfulfilled promise that a good education was supposed to solve all problems. “Many people are wilting away in despair with their song still in them,” says Noble, whose energetic presentation gives you seven solutions that will transform your financial life NOW. Everyone leaves Noble Drakoln’s inspiring talks with an “Ah ha!” shift in perception that unleashes abundance and leaves them feeling financially empowered. “Life is not ‘happening to you,’” says Noble. “You are a full participant in your personal success!”

Best-fit Audiences:

– Corporations, business groups, non-profits
– Executive managers, sales reps
– Colleges, youth groups
– Business and civic groups
– Entrepreneurs, small offices

Signature Presentations:

Offered as Keynotes, Breakouts, Workshops or Seminars (½ day, full-day), Retreats, Trainings, and Webinars. Noble Drakoln is also available as a Panel Guest or Moderator.

The Power of Abundance Thinking

Two demons hold you back from attracting the success you want: fear and greed. These demons pull you away from the abundance thinking you need to attract your success. Fear creates a scarcity mentality, and greed forces you to hold on too tight when it’s time to actually take a chance or to share.

Take away to improve lives: The audience leaves feeling driven to success, ready to tap into the abundance thinking necessary to improve their lives and fortunes.

The Secret of Now

At age 17, Noble Drakoln left home with a backpack and dreadlocks, and for the last 21 years he has focused on nothing but the NOW! In this talk he shares the secrets that made him a Wall Street success by age 19 and shows how you can recognize the opportunities around you and seize them. “Not enough money, not enough time, not enough anything is an easy excuse to distract you from what you have to do NOW to change your life,” he says. “The reality is that nature abhors a vacuum, and so if you remove the “not enoughs” from your life, NOW can fill the void.”

Take away to improve lives: Audiences are empowered to take control of their lives and live the dreams they want and deserve.

The “Ah Ha” Moment

The average person changes their career five to seven times in their life, waiting and looking for that  “AH HA” moment. The funny thing is, the “AH HA” moment happened long ago when they were children. Maybe they loved to write, draw or paint, or wanted to be a fireman. Finding that “AH HA” moment again requires self-reflection, being honest with yourself, and following your star – and this talk shows how to experience it again so you can reconnect with your dreams. ?

Take away to improve lives: Audiences will tap into who they truly are and what they truly want to be. The “AH HA” moment will either be discovered at the event, or you’ll get the tools you need so you can find it later at home.

Synchronicity: There are no coincidences

No one is self-made. “I have had multiple mentors along the way that have appeared seemingly out of nowhere; the difference is that I have taken the road less traveled,” says Noble. What synchronicities, coincidences or messages have you missed trying to take the road more traveled? Discover how to tap into your own synchronicity and fulfill your destiny.?

Take away to improve lives:  Audiences are constantly being bombarded by messages from TV, radio, family, and friends and miss hearing the quiet voice that’s directing them to fulfill their destiny. You’ll learn how to see the patterns in your life that open doors.

Wall Street-Minded: The Seven Keys to Tapping into the Money Flowing Around You

Everyday 2 trillion dollars of currencies are being traded around you. The futures market and the stock market trade hundreds of billions of dollars daily, yet everyone says there’s a recession. All have and have not thinking aside, what does Wall Street do that you don’t? How do they keep making millions while unemployment rates are sky high? There are seven keys to how Wall Streeters tap into the ebb and flow around them to be successful.

Take away to improve lives: Listeners are empowered not to be victims of the national economy and given the tools to take charge of their personal economy. You’ll learn how to make fundamental changes in how you think and how you interact with your money, your investments, and your life.

Using College to Become a Job-preneur

The growth of America is built on the backs of small businesses and entrepreneurs, but the days of the lone maverick building his or her way to fortune and fame are slowly fading away. Incubators and forward corporate thinking are giving their employees free reign to dream. To become a job-preneur is increasingly important in building both your success and guaranteeing yourself an opportunity in today’s work environment.?

Take away to improve lives: College audiences will feel empowered to be themselves and to discover their talents so they can pursue a career where the money is at. This talk gives them incubators and shows how to think outside the box to not only create a job for themselves, but for everyone around them.

Drakoln founded Speculator Academy, after becoming an assistant to a gold dealer at age 17, and by 19 he was one of Wall Street’s youngest licensed commodities brokers. He has traded over 100 million dollars in contracts and has recorded significant gains in the market. The author of seven trading books, and the former editor of Futures magazine, he has contributed articles to over 50 publications, including Forbes. Noble has been a featured guest on numerous financial channels, including Fox Business News and MarketWatch, and he regularly appears on radio as well. He’s a sought-after consultant and speaker on the futures, forex, and options world, and his books have been translated into Romanian, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, and French.

Books by Noble Drakoln…

Winning the Trading Game

This book teaches new and seasoned traders what it takes to incorporate Money Management, Risk Management, and Technical Analysis together into one harmonious blend – three skills essential for any trader to be successful in today’s trading environment

Trade Like a Pro

This book picks up where Winning the Trading Game left off by giving traders 15 precise tools to manage risk. While it is important to pick the right trade, knowing what to do when the market moves against you is paramount to your success, and Trade Like a Pro guides you every step of the way.

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