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Topics: Leadership, Communication, Change, Empowerment, Women’s Issues, Inspirational, Christian, Goal Setting, Motivational

Areas: Riverside, CA; National, International

Title: CEO, Executive Coach, International Fortune 500 Speaker


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Executive Coach guides and motivates business leaders, entrepreneurs and non-profit heads to innovate through thinking bigger and acting bolder.

Are you tired of playing small? Do you want to break though personal and professional barriers and propel yourself and your organization to new heights? Become a person who uses your influence for the greater good? Would you like to achieve a level of success that brings profound personal fulfillment? Patti Cotton’s comprehensive approach to helping business executives, entrepreneurs and heads of non-profits play big and reach their highest potential will take you there.

“My keynotes are deeply transformative,” says Patti. “I blend the best proven techniques in human development with the newest neuroscience to offer a ‘whole person’ approach.” With more than 25 years of international leadership and diplomatic experience, Patti Cotton has helped countless clients attain extraordinary individual and corporate goals. “I love developing and launching,” she says. “I raised $22 million for a challenging initiative when the experts said it couldn’t be done.” As she shows her audience how to play big, she shares dramatic personal stories, including how she worked with G. Gordon Liddy’s team to get her then 4-year old child back when he was kidnapped and held overseas. Her list of clients includes Coca Cola, Harvard University, Sysco, Girl Scouts of America, Boeing and other noted companies and organizations.

Patti’s lively presentations give executive leaders the ability to step into ever-greater roles as thought-leaders and game-changers and the techniques they need to express their unique gifts and do their best work. You will learn…

  • Ways to manage your thoughts and actions to permanently reshape your individual (and collective) brain to lead more effectively
  • When and why to override your own inner expert in favor of new possibilities
  • Actionable tools to help you realize your mission, including (1) developing a personal or corporate GPS to help you edit out that which no longer serves you, and (2) the 90-day action tool that will help you take your strategic plan from paper to results

Patti has a visceral understanding of her audience’s needs, based on firsthand experience. A student of leadership skills all her life, Patti shares how she overcame impossible obstacles to move toward her dreams. “I’ve walked in the shoes of my audience,” she says. “For many years,” I underplayed my potential and settled for less. I was frightened to take the risks necessary to step into my best self, not knowing whether I would fail or succeed, and wondering how this would affect my family and my future. I played it small when I knew I was capable of more.” That’s why, in her straightforward presentations, she makes it easy for her audience to achieve what she learned the hard way.

You’ll learn how to stop playing small and boldly ask for what you want. “I know what limitations people face and how to deal with them,” she says. “I was in charge of raising millions for five hospitals, and I got to the point where I could ask for three million and get it in 30 seconds!”

Best-fit Audiences

  • Corporations, business groups, non-profits
  • Executive managers, sales reps, team leaders, HR professionals
  • Baby boomers, Millennials, retirees
  • Community organizations
  • Business and civic groups
  • Churches, synagogues, religious, Christian groups
  • Women’s groups, career women


Customized for your group and presented as keynotes, breakouts, seminars or workshops, retreats, trainings and webinars. Patti Cotton is also available as a panel moderator or guest.

Finding the Leader Within: How to Play Your Best Game

Are you leading as effectively as you could? Or do you harbor hidden behaviors that keep you from bringing out your very best? Patti explains how you can actually rewire the part of your brain that sabotages your success.

You will learn:

  • Ways to overcome the inner competition with self that saps your energy and blocks manifestation of your intelligence and talent
  • Specific mind/body strategies for tapping into your brain’s innate potential for change
  • The 3-Step Game Changer System to help you break through old patterns and set powerful new life-changing ones

You’ll leave Patti’s presentation with knowledge, inspiration and courage to make life-changing shifts in the way you operate as a leader, the way you interact with colleagues, customers and clients, and the way you move through the world.

Taking a Stand: From Success to Significance

What does it mean to live a life of significance? Patti shares how to advance beyond mere success into the deeper, more meaningful work you were meant to do. You’ll explore what’s possible for you and uncover ways to turn possible to real.

You will learn:

  • Ways to distinguish between what others expect of you and what you actually want
  • The 3-Step Mental Map Process to reveal and overcome faulty assumptions that keep you playing small
  • How to assess your true talents using the Gift Assessment Tool
  • Strategies for matching your talents with the world’s needs

You’ll leave Patti’s presentation with new techniques for building on your success to create the meaning in your life that everyone craves. You’ll know how to get more done with more fun, less stress. You’ll be a game-changer and a thought leader! 

The Team Shifter: How to Break Through Resistance to Change

You are the leader of a high-performing group that needs to go to the next level. What’s it going to take to get there? Patti gives you the means and methods for taking your team to the limits of creativity and productivity—and beyond!

You will learn:

  • Specific new ways to talk about growth to invoke excitement rather than fear
  • The Pivotal Conversation Technique for turning worried resistance into energetic confidence
  • The Heart Method for coaching your team individually and collectively to bring appropriate mission-fueling emotions into their contributions
  • Visualizations to do with your group to bring them to a deeper understanding of your vision for them and your organization

Meet Patti Cotton…

Patti Cotton works with executives, chief decision-makers and their organizations to elevate and support leadership at all levels. Founder of Women Who Take the Lead, a movement to help women become confident, engaged, and equipped for leadership, she is a Fortune 500 speaker, executive coach and consultant. Cotton possesses more than 25 years of leadership both stateside and abroad, in the profit and not-for profit worlds, and specifically in the realms of diplomatic relations, public affairs, marketing, and communications. She enjoys a rich background in developing team to meet seemingly impossible goals and create change.

Her speaking and workshop facilitation address such areas as the changing face and future of leadership, authentic leadership branding for greater effectiveness and confidence, strengthening executive presence for influence and impact, and creating leadership legacy. She partners with organizations to develop programs and initiatives focused on retaining, elevating, and inspiring female talent and leadership.

Cotton’s formal education includes a master’s of science degree in organizational management and development, and in English literature. She holds credentials as a professional certified coach with the International Coach Federation. In addition, Cotton is certified in Harvard University’s Immunity to Change methodology, conflict resolution in the workplace through Kenneth Cloke, and mediation through La Sierra University’s Center for Conflict Resolution. She is a guest lecturer at select universities on conflict management, authentic leadership, and advanced coaching methodologies.

Cotton’s client roster includes such notables as Bank of America, Boeing, Coca-Cola, Harvard University, Sysco, Edward Jones, Morgan Stanley, Girl Scouts of America, and more. Her volunteer service supports the area of health and welfare for healthier, happier families and communities, and a portion of all business profits supports alternatives to domestic violence and at-risk youth. Cotton is a recipient of The U.S. President’s Lifetime Award for Volunteer Service.

What people are saying…

“Patti combines years of experience with exceptional skills to deliver high-value content applicable and relevant to today’s workforce. I highly recommend Patti to speak at or train within any organization. You’ll be delighted by her delivery, and enlightened and empowered by her practical, actionable tools.”
—Maria Gamb, CEO, NMS Communications

“Patti inspires, motivates and moves those who experience her presentations. Her knowledge, expertise and wisdom get quickly to the core of how to move forward more effectively by being one’s best self, and provides important tools to do so.”
—Kathy Quintana, Executive Vice President, HUB International

“Patti helps you step beyond the ordinary and into the ‘what’s possible.’ Having played multiple key leadership roles herself, she relates on a deep level to those decision-makers who seek to influence more and make more impact, and she provides insights and actionables to help you get there.”
—Elizabeth McCarty, Director, Pathways International

You can count on Patti to keep an audience motivated and inspired on key issues pertinent to today’s leadership. Her messages and takeaways provided have influenced the way our corporate community approaches our work and the company’s future.”
—M.J., Executive Vice President, international transportation firm

Books by Patti Cotton

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