Abby Parsons, PhD

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Topics: Scriptural Studies; Inspiration and Intuition; Health and Healing through Spirituality; Forgiveness; Discipleship and Life Purpose

Areas: Florida, North Carolina; National

Title: Scriptural Teacher, Inspirational Speaker


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Inspirational counselor/coach and Christian healer teaches uplifting principles from Scripture to infuse every aspect of your life with vibrant health, energy, and joy.

Do you yearn for a life filled with greater peace, love, security, prosperity, and health? Christian counselor/coach and healer Dr. Abby Parsons of the Center for Christian Healing and Education will inspire you to “tap into your innate power and grace through the spiritual meaning of the Scriptures.” Her energetic, life-changing talks give audiences the steps they can take right now that result in healing and spiritual awakening.

Dr. Parsons’s interactive talks, peppered with humor, reveal the metaphysics of the Scriptures and how to apply these time-tested universal truths to boost health, ease stress, soothe grief and build strong relationships for a more gratifying life experience. You’ll learn how to:

  • Connect with the Divine and improve health, energy, finances, intellectual capacity, relationships…and more!
  • Nurture a sense of your true spiritual identity and relationship to God and Good.

An energy of Spirit and Love saved Dr. Parsons from a near-death experience when she was in her early 20’s and gave her “a clear and unshakeable sense of the eternality of Life and the nature of God as unconditional Love.” As a result, and out of a deep appreciation for the practical metaphysics of the Scriptures that effectively help and heal, she feels impelled to share her vision of spiritual being with others. “The most important thing is your concept of God and your relationship to Him,” says Parsons. “The highest sense of God is felt in unconditional Love.”

Dr. Parsons has been a counselor and metaphysical spiritual healer since 1986. For the past 20 years she has spoken throughout North America to a broad range of groups, both ecumenical and interfaith, as a group member and/or panelist, teacher, workshop facilitator, lecturer, panelist, and in radio interviews. You’ll leave her powerful presentations inspired, encouraged, uplifted and energized, with clear instructions and excellent resources to enable you to apply spiritual truths to every area of your life.

Abby’s online Bible study courses are available at Metaphysics of the Scriptures: Decoding the Revelation.


Best-fit Audiences

  • Scriptural Study Groups
  • Groups studying Spirituality, Inspiration, Intuition, Scripture
  • Hospice, Nursing Homes, Prisons
  • Health Providers into Spirituality & Healing
  • Community organizations
  • Colleges/universities schools youth groups
  • Churches, synagogues, religious Christian groups
  • Caretakers, healers, health workers
  • Health care groups, hospitals, medical offices
  • Nursing programs, medical centers
  • Rehab centers, recovery support groups
  • Therapists, psychologists, counselors and coaches
  • Libraries, museums


Presented as keynotes, breakouts, seminars, workshops, or retreats.

Improve Your Well-Being: Psalm 23, Experiential

Worried or afraid? Unable to sleep at night? Feeling alone and isolated? Stressed over an uncertain future? Believe it or not, Psalm 23 can help—more than help; it can become a dynamic means by which to gain confidence, strength, and security. In Psalm 23, our relationship to the divine parallels that of the sheep to their shepherd. Unlock the secrets held in its spiritual meaning and you’ll learn how to experience the care and control that the divine, universal Love has prepared for you. Leave stress and fear behind. Engage in a follow-up, one-week plan to expand the benefits you gained from the workshop.

Training Today’s Twelve: Powerful Discipleship

This life-transforming lecture is a great accompaniment to Abby’s detailed online course. It is a powerful, motivational presentation that prompts self-examination and spiritual goal-setting.

Audience members have the opportunity to lock on to their true and highest life-purpose, taking either first steps, or renewed steps, in that direction. The Spirit that calls us into His service infuses us with Life, inspiration, and the healing power promised by Christ Jesus to his disciples. This presentation guides listeners through many important instructions given by the Master and provides a strong foundation of spiritual laws and truths with which to view, and spiritually interpret, the Word. The result is manifestation of good, or greater, health and a renewed purpose in life.

Forgive through Spiritual Awakening: The Way to Peace and Health    

Do you find it hard to forgive? Do you know that forgiveness issues can interfere with your health and healing? Carrying a grudge or suffering guilt is like carrying around a heavy weight. For those longing to find release from the burden of non-forgiveness, Dr. Parsons offers a refreshingly different spiritual view on this subject. Find release and freedom as you listen to the stories, the spiritual explanations, and even the humor that can help shake off the non-forgiveness that blocks healing and steals away peace. “There is nothing impossible to forgive when the issue is lifted into the higher realm of Spirit and Love,” explains Dr. Parsons. Forgiveness is not based on whether the offender deserves it or not; it rests on a spiritual awakening. Through the spiritual sense of the Scriptures, Dr. Parsons shows how you can be released from self-condemnation, guilt, or a judgmental attitude. You’ll leave this presentation feeling lighter, more hopeful, and spiritually cleansed, having taken a powerful step toward healing and inner peace. Resources for ongoing support are available for all attendees.

Meet Dr. Abby Parsons…

Dr. Abby Parsons has a lifelong goal of feeling closer to God and understanding how to most effectively bring Scriptural truths into practical experience, as exemplified by Christ Jesus in the Gospels. She has a Ph.D. in Theology/Biblical Studies and a Master’s degree in English (Multicultural/Transnational Literature), which enhances the literary, cultural, and historic elements of her work as a speaker and writer. Parsons wrote her dissertation on the narratives of Revelation.

A near-death experience in her early 20’s heightened her spiritual awareness and sense of eternal being in Love’s ever-presence. Since 1986, Dr. Parsons has maintained a private practice in spiritual healing and counseling. She has also served as a hospice volunteer, bringing a reflected spiritual light to comfort those in great need. In her professional speaking career, she has addressed diverse audiences, including prisons, women’s events and interfaith groups, on spiritual topics such as healing through prayer, forgiveness, and safety/security.

What people are saying…

“Dr. Parsons has blessed me and my family in countless ways. Whenever I had a question about God, the Bible, how to pray or anything of a Spiritual nature, she took the time to answer, even if she needed to explain in a variety of ways so that I fully understood. Her patience and gentleness are so apparent. Her love for God and His/Her creation are so pure that the healing presence of Christ is expressed so beautifully through her. One day I fell and hurt my foot. Initially, I didn’t think much about it and kept walking. However, that night I could barely use my foot because it hurt and was swollen. I remembered an earlier time when the same situation occurred. I had my foot x-rayed and the doctor said I needed to wear a big boot to support my foot for six weeks. Feeling fearful, I called Abby and told her what happened and asked her to pray with me. She told me to rest and assured me of God’s love and presence. She knew God had more power than any circumstance. I had many obligations the next day and so contacted several people to see if they could assist me with transportation. However, to their amazement, I attended my meetings and met every obligation that day, walking freely without any pain or swelling because when I awoke that morning I was completely healed.”
—Jenny Grace Morris, North Carolina

“Dr. Parsons is a storyteller who paints visuals across your imagination as she speaks. You cannot help but see her words come to life in your mind’s eye. Her presentation style makes it easy to grasp the deep spiritual messages that are so clearly universal truths. Humor and energy abound as she closes her talk, leaving you wondering where the time went. Dr. Parsons’ talks feel conversational, and at the end you want more time at “the kitchen table” with this new, delightful friend. I wholeheartedly recommend this entertaining and enlightening speaker for your next event.”
—Ann McLaughlin, Attendee, Southern Women’s Show, Nashville

“I have been fortunate enough to have been introduced to Dr. Parson’s work. I have read and studied her deep and insightful decoding of the scripture. It is obvious to me that this has come from years of deep spiritual and academic study by Dr. Parsons. What I like the most was the way it revealed the deeper meaning of the scripture that was relevant to my life and not just a personal interpretation on her part. In her talks and also phone visits, Dr. Parsons communicates a profound knowledge of her subject and an authentic love for her fellow man. I have had many healings of mind, body, and soul through my work with Dr. Parsons. This is in no way a personal power that she promotes, but rather an impartation of the amazing spirituality that we each possess in our own unique way. Her writings and words facilitate this awakening to any earnest seeker.”
—CW Boulder, Colorado



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