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Topics: Wealth Creation, Debt Elimination, Financial Freedom, Money Mindset

Area: Los Angeles, Southern California

Title: Wealth Coach

Free to Local Service Groups. For paid speaking rates, please reach out to Rennie Gabriel.

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Bestselling author, wealth coach, and UCLA instructor provides the road map leading from a place of debt to a world of wealth and financial freedom.

Do you wonder why 90% of the population struggles over money or financial decisions? Rennie Gabriel was once so broke he had to redeem soda pop bottles to buy groceries for his family. But today, as a multi-millionaire he now enjoys a monthly passive income greater than his annual earnings of the past. He’s been ranked among the top 5% of financial planners across the globe, with clients ranging from executives and small entrepreneurs to the FBI and Toyota Motors.

Award-winning, best-selling author, wealth coach, and UCLA instructor Rennie Gabriel, CLU, CFP®, BFD provides the roadmap leading from a place of debt to a world of wealth and financial freedom.

What sets Rennie apart from other speakers? Instead of theory, he gives his audience concrete, actionable steps to help them move away from debt and into millionaire status. The proof? Officially retired, he now works out of choice and donates 100% of the profits from his speaking, online programs and group coaching to charities, primarily, where rescue dogs are trained to be service animals for soldiers who have returned with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injuries). While the current suicide rate for soldiers is almost one per hour, not one soldier who has received his service dog has committed suicide. This charity saves two lives at a time.

If you’re struggling to pay your bills, drowning in debt, and saving for a rainy day is just a pipe dream, Rennie’s lively, interactive  presentation will guide you off your current path of debt and into a new mindset of prosperity and abundance. He’ll show you how to transform from debtor to millionaire in less than ten years by discovering the attitudes blocking you from creating wealth, and he’ll give you the strategies you need to finally achieve financial independence. As a former teacher, Rennie is passionate about sharing the Three Secrets of the Wealthy and his Wealth On Any Income System for creating financial freedom and eliminating debt.

“Neither school nor parents provide the education to handle money effectively,” says Rennie, “because parents can’t teach what they have not learned themselves. Thus, most people operate under the misconception that earning more money will solve their financial mismanagement and that becoming debt-free will guarantee financial freedom—but they’re wrong! Regardless of how much you earn, you can’t create wealth until you understand how the wealthy think and use the same tools they do.”

Your audience will learn how to…

  •   Step into the mindset that attracts financial independence
  •   Free yourself from debt forever
  •   Use the same tools as the world’s richest people to generate wealth
  •   Earn interest of 8-14% or more with little risk

Your group will leave Rennie Gabriel’s eye-opening presentation knowing how to use the secrets of the super-rich to create lifelong financial ease and independence.


  • Corporations, Business Groups, Nonprofits
  • Community Organizations, Colleges, Universities, Schools, Youth Groups
  • Parents, Educators
  • Business and Civic Groups
  • Entrepreneurs, Small Offices
  • Healthcare Groups, Hospitals, Medical Offices
  • Health Spas, Nursing Programs, Medical Centers
  • Realtors, Real Estate Associations, Property Owners
  • Therapists, Psychologists, Counselors and Coaches
  • Women’s Groups, Career Women
  • City, State, Federal Employees

The 3 Secrets to Creating Wealth on Any Income

Are you struggling to pay your bills, no matter how much you try to save? Are your dreams of an affluent future slipping away? It’s time to elevate yourself from consumer debtor to multi-millionaire, just like Rennie Gabriel did. You’ll learn his proven strategies for creating a new money mindset, generating wealth, eliminating debt, and ultimately achieving financial freedom.

Rennie’s energetic presentation reveals the secrets the world’s wealthiest people use to create wealth and shows how you can let go of the limiting attitudes that block you from financial independence. You’ll learn how to eliminate debt with integrity and find the safest places to invest your money for a low-risk 8-14% interest. And finally, you’ll learn how to set up an effective budget that allows you to save, invest, and ultimately choose to work, as Rennie does, rather than do so out of necessity.

If you like your career but have other avenues you want to pursue, these strategies will make those dreams possible, and you can finally relax, knowing you’ve got emergency cash on hand. Your audience leaves Rennie’s life-changing talk knowing that debt elimination, wealth creation, and freedom from financial stress are theirs to enjoy.

Meet Rennie Gabriel…

Wealth coach and highly-rated UCLA instructor Rennie Gabriel uses his award-winning, bestselling book, Wealth On Any Income,to teach adults and students how to handle money effectively, from emotional/psychological aspects to practical. Just as he has done for himself, Rennie supports individuals and business owners in their creation of work as a choice rather than as a requirement.

After selling his pension administration firm to a public company, Rennie began doing public workshops and corporate training to empower people in their business and personal lives. He’s the past president of Gabriel Publications, a book publishing house with over 80 titles specializing in consumer education on real estate and finance. He has also owned a small chain of art galleries, a small portfolio of apartment buildings, and provided business coaching to accounting, construction, and financial planning firms. Rennie has been rated among the top 5% of financial planners across the globe, with clients ranging from executives and small entrepreneurs to the FBI and Toyota Motors.

Though he went broke twice, by using the same concepts he reveals in his book, he created even more wealth than he had amassed previously. A single parent for three years following his first divorce, he is now the grandfather of four. Rennie is married again, for the last time, to Dianne Merryl, “a true partner in every sense of the word.”

Rennie Gabriel has been quoted in Kiplinger’s, the Los Angeles Times, and numerous other respected publications for his expertise. He’s a retired Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) and Certified Financial Planner® (CFP).

What people are saying…

“I love Wealth On Any Income. Everyone, that includes you, can become wealthy. I bought 100 copies of your book to give away because it makes the journey to financial freedom one of seeming effortlessness.”
—Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator, #1 New York Times bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul® series.

“This is perhaps the most important subject you will ever deal with, and Wealth On Any Income gives you a step-by-step roadmap to follow. You can achieve all your dreams of financial freedom by putting these ideas to work.”
—Brian Tracy, America’s #1 Training Authority

“You have never failed to respond when called upon to provide financial ‘coaching’”
—Charlie J. Parsons, FBI Special Agent in Charge, Los Angeles

“Based on your advice, we were able to eliminate $160,000 of short-term debt in five years with no increase in our income.”
—Dave Bilford, Esq., Northridge, CA

“As a result of your coaching, I have been able to set up an investment program putting away 15% of my take-home salary and 2% of our company’s monthly gross receipts. This has become effortless.”
—Bruce Turner Construction, Half Moon Bay, CA

“In one year of using your spending registers, I have moved from $15,000 of debt to $52,000 cash in the bank.”
—Larry S., Santa Monica CA

“We were very pleased with your presentation to our associates. Our usual number of attendees for these programs is 20-30, but, as you are aware, we had 160 RSVPs for the first presentation. I was very grateful that you were able to rework the session and come back for two more presentations.”
—Jerene Baglin, Toyota Motors Personnel Administrator

Books by Rennie Gabriel

Wealth On Any Income

Learn how individuals and couples can create wealth even if they’re in debt. There are two areas to handling money effectively and creating wealth: One, the emotional area, and two, the practical area. Wealth On Any Income addresses both of these areas.

Without first dealing with the emotional beliefs and attitudes we have about money, no amount of practical information or tips will effectively support us to create wealth, live within our income or get out of debt. In this book you will learn how to:

Be rich on any income – even if you’re in debt.
Live within your income in 90 days, guaranteed.
Handle emergency spending without financial disaster.
Use the “magic formula” to create wealth and avoid debt.
Create the action and support structure to achieve your goals.

See all Rennie Gabriel’s books on Amazon


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