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Topics: Career, Inspirational, Midlife Transitions, Personal Development, Women’s Empowerment, Work/Life Balance

Areas: N. California, S. California Please inquire about rates outside of CA

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Career Renewal Expert guides midlife professionals and entrepreneurs to reignite purpose and passion, so they can find exciting new direction and chart a lifework that’s more alive, fulfilling and successful than ever.

Are you ready to reignite lifework purpose and passion? Has a career or business that used to be satisfying lost its spark? Does work that used to energize you now feel draining? Or maybe a goal you achieved and enjoyed is starting to feel like a jail. “When the work and lives we’ve built begin to feel stale and too small, it’s time to find ‘New Fire‘ – purpose, energy and fulfillment,” says Career Renewal Coach Rikk Hansen, whose inspiring presentation charts a clear way forward when our old lifework path needs new vision and heart. The founder of Brilliant NEXT and creator of the “New Fire Discovery” process, Rikk’s warm, compelling presentations help midlife professionals and entrepreneurs discover renewed clarity, direction and enthusiasm for work and life.

Navigating major changes? If you’re in limbo with any area of work or life—clear about what you don’t want but without a passionate new dream—Rikk’s heartfelt presentation is for you. His riveting “Between Dreams” personal story of finding “New Fire” in his own life will inspire your audience to escape the confusion of lifework-limbo and take active steps to discover their unique calling.

“The loss of your old dream is not a mistake you’ve made or due to some logical solution you’ve somehow missed,” says Rikk. “You’ve just outgrown it, and you’re ready for something more.” Drawing on 27 years’ experience helping thousands of women and men discover the next vital lifework chapter in their lives, Rikk’s talks strengthen your own wise intuition and show how even confusing changes are preparing you for the next brilliant chapter in your life. You’ll leave his dynamic presentations feeling renewed hope and confidence and a clear way forward to find and live your next lifework dream.

Best-fit Audiences

  • Coaches
  • Corporate Wellness Programs
  • Counselors
  • Entrepreneurs and Business Start-up
  • Personal Growth & Wellness Oriented Organizations
  • Professional Associations and Business Groups
  • Therapists
  • Women’s Groups


Offered as Keynotes, Workshops or Seminars, Breakouts, Retreats, and Webinars. Rikk Hansen is also available as a Panel Guest or Moderator and for Coach/Counselor Training

5 Keys to Rekindle Purpose & Passion

Has work that used to be satisfying lost its spark? Do you feel an insistent nudge that there’s something more you were born to do? In this wise and inspiring presentation, Rikk shares 5 Keys that redefine the path to a vital and fulfilling lifework – unlocking new depths of purpose and passion. You’ll leave this talk amazed to find that you’re not off-track at all, but instead poised on the threshold of a next more passionate and more fulfilling lifework chapter!

From In-Limbo to On-Fire Again!

Have you outgrown your success and feel trapped by what used to be satisfying? Did your old dream get hijacked? Do you feel as if you’ve lost YOURSELF somewhere along the way? In this illuminating presentation, Rikk shares his own personal journey of how life pushed him out of his comfort zone to ignite a renewal of purpose. Realize why what used to work isn’t working anymore, gain a freeing new map for growth and success, and discover a sure path out of lifework-limbo to find “New Fire.” Come experience a journey that’s both ancient and cutting-edge, leading to a next lifework that’s really your calling – once again blazing with confidence, purpose and passion!

Find Your Brilliant WHY so Your Business Can Blaze

Many midlife business owners begin with a dream of freedom and success on their own terms, but their new venture can flounder or feel like an expensive jail when not founded on purpose and passion. Without those two key elements, there’s no compass to guide and no fuel to power lasting business success. Finding your Brilliant WHY is critical for every business startup seeking a niche that’s both passionate and profitable, and key when an established business no longer feels fulfilling and passionate. In this compelling presentation, Rikk explains the natural process of discovering your Brilliant WHY. You’ll leave this empowering talk with a powerful map to find – or rediscover – blazing clarity of purpose to fuel your business success for many years to come.

Between-Dreams: Navigating Uncertainty to Rediscover Purpose & Passion

When old dreams die, important things fall apart, and when we lose passion in key areas of our lives, it can be confusing to realize that we don’t know what we want next. We find ourselves in limbo and in waiting mode – knowing what we don’t want, but without a compelling new dream. In this popular talk, Rikk shares how nature’s wisdom can guide us to vibrant new beginnings. You’ll leave this eye-opening, engaging presentation with renewed hope and confidence, seeing a clear path forward to discovering a new dream that’s more passionate and more fully YOU than ever.

Meet Rikk Hansen…

One of the nation’s leading experts in guiding mid-career renewal, Rikk Hansen has spent 27 years in the career and leadership development field, guiding thousands of midlife professionals and entrepreneurs to rediscover purpose and passion for their next lifework chapter. In the early ‘90s he co-founded Centerpoint Institute for Life and Career Renewal, an innovative nonprofit that received national media attention and recognition from career development leaders, including Richard Bolles, author of What Color is Your Parachute? and The Career Counselor’s Handbook.

Currently, as founder at Brilliant NEXT, he has pioneered a trademarked system called “New Fire Discovery” that has helped numerous mid-career women and men find new certainty of purpose and direction for their next lifework path. Rikk’s warmth and easy sincerity quickly create trust in a room for exploring the meaningful topic of lifework change and renewal, and participants report leaving with fresh hope, confidence, and excitement for the future.

What people are saying…

“I highly recommend this workshop to people experiencing, or ready for, a major change in any area of their work or life!” – Dan Rosenberg, Management Consultant, CA

“Rarely in the darkness and insecurity of life’s transitions do we fall upon unexpected revelation that illuminates our path. Without Rikk’s generous and gracious approach, my heart would have remained closed to hearing what I needed. I came to see myself as embarking on discovery instead of surviving calamity.” – Theresa M., Central Valley, CA

“As an entrepreneur, I was in ‘limbo state’ when I received the invitation for this workshop… [It] brought me comfort in knowing I wasn’t alone in these changes, and gave me a freeing new perspective for my current transition. I left feeling energized and very hopeful!” – Dana L., C.P.A.

“I’m in between jobs, and possibly careers, and had been feeling a lot of angst about what is coming next for me, not only work-wise, but in my life in general. I felt the workshop might help me sort a few things out, and it did – beyond what I’d hoped for!”
– Leandra Kelly, Health Care Professional, CA

“Rikk is a true professional and an incredibly talented practitioner in the fields of career counseling and adult transition! Looking back on our discussions, I realize what a powerful influence he has been on my own professional development and effectiveness as an educator.” – Garrett Stokes, Sr. Manager, Career Development @ Amazon.com

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