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Phone: 617-992-1773
E-Mail: tanmayglal@gmail.com
Website: www.saveeight.org
Blog: www.saveeight.org
Availability: Pennsylvania,Ohio, New York, Michigan, W. Virginia; National

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Topics: Organ and Tissue Donation, Organ Transplantation

Areas: Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York,Michigan, W. Virginia; National

Title: MD, Transplant Surgeon


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Transplant surgeon shares dramatic, real-life stories and surprising facts about organ donation that can save many lives—including your own.

Today there are more than 120,000 people desperately waiting for that one phone call that can literally save their life,” says transplant surgeon Tanmay Lal, “yet only 6,000 of them will be lucky enough to get that much-needed organ to keep them alive.”

Dr. Tanmay Lal wants to revolutionize the field of organ transplantation and eliminate the waiting list of thousands of desperate patients waiting to receive an organ that a donor has generously consented to donate.

Watching and hearing about hundreds of patients who were listed for a transplant, only to die waiting for one to become available, spurred Dr. Lal to begin spreading his message of organ donation by establishing a website and an organization called Save 8. “This small entity has big plans: to wipe out the transplant waiting list by spreading the message of organ donation to all Americans,” says Dr. Lal. “People need to be educated on what organ donation is all about. We need to remove the myths and misinformation surrounding this process so that they can one day become heroes and provide the gift of life to a desperate individual who is waiting for a life-saving transplant.”

Save 8 also aims to morph into a non-profit organization where patients with organ failure can be helped with cutting-edge research and resources in the field of organ transplantation.

If your group is looking for a cause to serve humanity, spreading the word about how to become an organ donor is a deeply fulfilling project. You’ll learn how to separate the facts from the myths about organ donation and get an inside look at how the process works to save lives—and possibly, one day, your own!

You’ll leave Dr. Lal’s uplifting talk knowing how you and your group can help this life-saving cause and how, by choosing to become a donor yourself, you can give the gift of life to others.

Fast Facts

  • Dr. Lal decided to become a transplant surgeon when his aunt contracted liver disease and passed away before she could get a liver transplant.
  • Nearly 98% of Americans support organ donation, but only 48% are registered donors!
  • “There are many myths surrounding organ donation that are simply not true!,” says Dr. Lal. “Organ donors do receive the same high standard of hospital care as other patients.”   
  • Dr. Lal has been awarded a patent for a new surgical device that makes the colonoscopy procedure faster and easier.

Best-fit Audiences

  • Conferences, Conventions, Trade Shows
  • Expos, Fairs, Retreats
  • Corporations, Non-Profit
  • CEOs, Executive Managers, HR Professionals
  • Team Leaders, Sales Reps
  • Business & Civic Groups
  • Women’s Groups, Career Women
  • Baby Boomers, Millennials
  • Seniors, Retirees
  • Community Organizations
  • Colleges, Universities, Schools, Youth Groups
  • Attorneys, Financial Planners, Investors
  • Military, Police, Firefighters, Paramedics
  • Emergency Preparedness, Risk Management
  • Parents, Educators
  • Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Small Offices
  • Therapists, Psychologists, Counselors and Coaches
  • Political & Historical Groups/Associations
  • Churches, Synagogues, Religious Groups
  • Christian Groups
  • Libraries, Museums
  • Hospitality Organizations, Restaurant Associations
  • Health Care Groups, Hospitals, Medical Offices
  • Health Workers, Healers, Caretakers, Cancer Survivors
  • Nursing Programs, Medical Centers
  • Health Spas, Fitness Centers
  • Rehab Centers, Recovery Support Groups

Keynote Presentation

Offered as a keynote, breakout, seminar or workshop, retreat, training and webinar, and customized for your group. Dr. Lal is also available as a panel guest or moderator.

Organ Donation and the Growing Demand for Organ and Tissue Transplants in the U.S.

Today, more than 120,000 people are desperately waiting for an organ transplant to save their life, but only 6,000 will be lucky enough to get that organ in time. What can you and your group do to help? And what if you need a life-saving organ transplant someday? What steps can you take now to make sure you receive it?

In his heartfelt, energetic presentation, Dr. Tanmay Lal separates the myths from the facts about organ donation and shows how you can help this cause. “Anyone, regardless of their age, medical condition, or ethnic background can be an organ or tissue donor,” he says, and he’ll show you the simple steps to take if you’d like to become a donor. Dr. Lal’s talk is filled with dramatic stores as he shares the real-life experiences that inspired him to become a transplant surgeon and champion this cause.

You’ll be inspired by Dr. Lal’s passion and enthusiasm as you learn how easy it is to become a donor and how to separate the facts from the myths about this cause. Whether your audience wants the facts about organ transplants and donation for personal reasons, or your group wants to help raise public awareness, this life-saving talk gives you everything you need to know about this issue that could one day impact your life.

Meet Tanmay Lal, MD…

Tanmay Girish Lal received his Master of Surgery degree from the University of Bombay and completed his residency at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, PA. He’s a popular lecturer in the field of organ transplant and has contributed to many research papers and books. He served as assistant professor of surgery at Case Western Reserve University and Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine and was a featured speaker at the 2014 Annual Fellows Conference in Advances in Organ Transplantation. Dr. Lal received two Excellence in Teaching Awards from Jefferson Medical College Department of Surgery and currently resides in Pennsylvania.

See Dr. Lal’s CV

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Book contributions and research papers by Tanmay Lal, MD…
Research Publications

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Book Chapters                                         

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