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Topics: Addiction/Recovery, Business Building, Empowerment, Inspirational, Motivational, Spirituality

Areas: New York, S. California


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Author and Consciousness Coach; Trent Blanchard, shows how to identify and transform core beliefs that stand in the way of reaching your maximum potential and living a life of pure and constant joy.

Do you want to empower your employees to reach the next level in their careers, inspire your students to reach for their dreams, or motivate your colleagues to reach their maximum potential?

“If the answer is yes, I’m your man,” says Trent Blanchard, a keynote speaker, author, workshop facilitator and Consciousness Coach who inspires individuals and companies to unlock their potential, work more efficiently, and live a life of pure and constant JOY. His power-packed presentations will show your group how to identify the core thoughts and beliefs that prevent them from reaching their maximum potential with ease.

“For many years, I experienced pain and suffering in my life, yet knew in my heart it wasn’t supposed to be so darn hard,” says Trent who embarked on a journey to discover what stood in his way. “As a result, my life transformed in miraculous ways and I found the peace and freedom I had always prayed for!” Today he teaches the strategies and techniques he found to others, motivating them to greater productivity and personal satisfaction.

Trent’s energetic talks transform complex obstacles into simple, common-sense challenges and offer action steps and solutions that work. “My goal is simple: to help others remove whatever gets in the way having a life of JOY,” he explains. Trent’s talks pose questions that pinpoint obstacles, thoughts, and core beliefs that stand in your way and give you a fresh, new perspective from which you can take action now. The author of  Triple A’s for the Soul: Your Pathway to Personal Freedom, his rich and varied background blends his education and experience as a coach, counselor, human resources expert, workshop facilitator and performer, creating a powerful on-stage presence that can move any organization or individual to reach their maximum potential.

The audience leaves Trent’s fun, interactive presentations with a fresh perspective on how to achieve what they want, armed with effective action steps to take control of their lives.

Best-fit Audiences:

– Corporations, business groups, non-profits
– Executive managers, sales reps, entrepreneurs
– Churches, community organizations.
– Colleges, universities, schools, youth groups
– Business and civic groups
– Entrepreneurs, small offices
– Hospitality organizations?Restaurants/Restaurant Associations?Entertainment venues?Libraries
– Health care groups, hospitals, medical offices
– Nursing programs, medical centers
– Health spas, fitness centers
– Rehab centers, recovery support groups
– Caretakers, healers, health workers, cancer survivors
– Therapists, psychologists, counselors and coaches
– Women’s groups


Offered as Keynotes, Breakouts, Seminars, Workshops (½ day, full-day), Retreats and Webinars, customized for your group. Trent is also available as a Panel Guest or Moderator. Each talk is customized for your group.

Bringing Humanity Back to the Workplace

Corporations and small businesses, start-up and high-growth organizations

Do you behave one way at home and another at work? Do you think that showing your humanness at work is unproductive and unprofessional? If you want to create a happy, healthy corporate culture, this talk is for you. You’ll gain specific, effective techniques that create an environment where everyone feels appreciated and therefore much more productive.

Ending the Cycle of Pain through Forgiveness

Spiritual communities, churches, recovery centers, retreats, spas, New Thought churches, healing groups and organizations

Whenever your peace is disturbed by physical or emotional discomfort, you have something to work through and heal, and forgiveness can be the key. In this life-changing talk, Trent shows how to break the cycle and end the pain. You’ll learn how to recognize emotional and physical pain as clear signals that pinpoint things we need to forgive in ourselves, and how to heal feelings of being unworthy or “not good enough” that lead to addiction and other forms of suffering. You’ll leave this talk with powerful strategies that get to the root of your pain and heal it once and for all.

Change Your Core Beliefs, Change Your Life

Spiritual communities, churches, recovery centers, retreats, spas, New Thought churches, healing groups and organizations

Are you happy with how your life is working? How our lives work and how happy we are depend on the core beliefs we hold onto. This talk shows how to identify the beliefs that get in the way of a life of peace, joy and abundance and offers a powerful four-step process that helps you decide which beliefs are working and which ones you’d like to change. “One of the most important things we can do as adults is review the beliefs we were brought up with and see if they’re in alignment with what we really want,” says Trent. You’ll gain effective ways to change your beliefs and keep only the ones that work to create the success and abundance you deserve.

Live the Life you Love, Love the Life You Live

Spiritual communities, churches, recovery centers, retreats, spas, New Thought churches, healing groups and organizations

Have you recently found yourself saying, “I hate my job? Why can’t I make money and be happy at the same time?” or “What am I supposed to do with my life?” If so, this talk is for you. Each of us is born into the world with a unique talent and way of expressing it, and it’s time to take command of your life and figure out what that talent is. Your passion in life is directly related to your life purpose, and you’re cheating yourself and the world when you’re not expressing it. This talk shows how to create your personal mission and rediscover the things that bring you joy. Listeners gain tools to assist them in finding a career that satisfies their deepest desires and leads to a joyful, fulfilling life.


For over 20 years, Trent Blanchard has shared words of encouragement, motivation and inspiration with others via his private coaching practice, in recovery centers, in corporate offices and in high schools around the country. An ordained Interfaith Minister, he has an undergraduate degree in Human Resource Management, a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology, and he’s a Certified Addiction and Anger Management Specialist. Trent hosted the popular radio talk show “Ask the Life Coach” and was a columnist for a Southern California magazine with the same name. He’s the author of Triple A’s for the Soul: Your Pathway to Personal Freedom.

What people are saying…

“Trent has completely changed my life. I feel all of my heartfelt dreams coming true via his compassion, kindness, never-ending patience and unconditional love.”
− Alexandria D., Freelance Artist, Palm Springs, CA

“Since taking your “Getting on Purpose” workshop, so many doors have opened for me! You helped me believe in myself and understand the part that was keeping me from realizing my goals. I can’t thank you enough!“
– Eduardo Santiago, Author of Tomorrow They Will Kiss, Los Angeles, CA

“Trent is sensitive to the needs of others, compassionate about what is happening in others’ lives, and walks the talk when it comes to devoting his life in service.”
– Pat S., Social worker, Redondo Beach, CA


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