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Four-Sport star athlete who reinvented himself when a tragic car accident stole his career shows how to triumph over any life challenge by “sporting the right attitude.”

How do you overcome any setback? By “sporting the right attitude,” says popular speaker and author Walter H. Jackson. Walter shows audiences how to empower themselves with the right attitude right now. “Often the thing that keeps you from living a productive life and achieving your dreams is not an external obstacle but an internal one—your attitude,” says Walter. “And that can be changed.”

Walter grew up in a low-income family where he witnessed domestic violence, but in spite of that challenge, he attracted media attention as a rare Four-Sport athlete in football, basketball, baseball, and track and field. But a fateful car accident stole his promising athletic career, taking away scholarship offers from top colleges around the country. Even worse, doctors predicted he wouldn’t survive his coma and multiple internal injuries. But Walter proved them all wrong! Struggling to learn to walk again, he feared his athletic career was over. Then, just as he was making a full physical recovery, Walter’s world was shattered again when his father was murdered by a stranger.

These incidents left Walter living an angry life, but he knew this attitude was holding him back, so he started applying what he’d learned in sports to his personal life. “When you get knocked down in life,” says Walter, “Pick yourself up, get back into the game, and sport the right attitude!”

As a keynote speaker, trainer and frequent talk show guest, he teaches this proven principle and gives you the keys to making it work right now in your own life. Known for his exciting delivery and practical step-by-step action plan, Walter blends humor, personal experience and storytelling to help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

His team-building workshops energize participants, transforming them from passive listeners to engaged learners. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of self-help techniques or exploring these principles for the very first time, you’ll leave Walter Jackson’s inspiring talk knowing that you can capitalize on your strengths, appreciate the differences in others, and overcome any setback life throws your way by “sporting the right attitude.”

Presentations, Keynotes and Workshops: Perfect for college audiences

Sporting the Right Attitude
Learn six key principles used by superstar athletes to help them excel on and off the playing field, and that anyone can use to reach any goal.

Changing Attitudes to Change Outcomes
Shortcuts and secrets to improving relationships with yourself and others and getting the outcomes you desire.

Meet Walter Jackson…

Walter H. Jackson, Msc.D., is co-owner of Self Awareness Trainings, a behavioral consulting company. He often teams with his wife, Janet Alston Jackson, author of A Cry for Light: A Journey into Love, facilitating their personal development workshops since 1993 to thousands in law enforcement, as well as managers, parents, teachers, mental and health care professionals, youth, college students, and entertainment industry professionals. The husband-and-wife team are popular presenters for the Los Angeles Unified School District for parents and teachers. Walter is an inductee in the Black Sports Hall of Fame in Stockton, California.

Walter began his career as a Probation Officer for The Los Angeles County Probation Department, and later became a commercial Realtor in Beverly Hills. He was a project manager at a US Federal Government agency for over 20 years. His books include Sporting the Right Attitude: Lessons Learned in a Troubled Family, Sporting the Right Attitude Workbook for Youths, and he co-authored Your Happiness is Within and the upcoming Changing Attitudes to Change Outcomes, a guide for parents.

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Sporting the Right Attitude is an inspirational memoir and practical handbook to help young adults overcome life’s obstacles and find the confidence to go after their dreams. The book highlights super athletes and the principles they use to win. Walter Jackson shares his compelling personal story of a violent childhood and a car accident that put him in a coma and left him bitter and angry. By using the winning principles he learned in sports to change his attitude and untangle limiting beliefs, he tapped into his personal power, which anyone can do. You don t even have to like sports to use the easy steps in this book which emphasize that it’s not bad things that happen that hold you back, it’s your attitude that keeps you from winning in life.

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